FIFA 13 Super Slim PS3 bundle highlights potential

As we eagerly wait for the next generation consoles money still needs to be made and the existing systems still have so much to offer no matter how long they have been around for. News of a FIFA 13 Super Slim PS3 bundle definitely highlights potential, especially with the run up to Christmas, which could give Sony the opportunity to not only add more custom, but also give those owning old, tried consoles the urge to get the super slim PS3 to tide them over until the next gen comes.

Depending on the overall price, this is news that interests me, as my existing console is on its way out and although FIFA 12 is a game that I could see myself playing for another year, this would be a great incentive for acquiring the new installment of FIFA. According to a user at NeoGAF the new PS3 super slim CECH-4000 will be unveiled at Tokyo Game Show and this will apparently launch at the end of the month along with a with a FIFA 13 bundle.

The rumor that this new model will become available on the 29th of September and a probable first bundle will be FIFA 13 in Europe and a second bundle to be released later. Some have suggested that if this is true maybe it would make more sense to bundle the new Pro Evolution Soccer game for the Japanese market, although this could be a good way to push the game and the console in this territory. The idea of this coming just in time for the holiday season is a smart one by Sony as we are still unsure when the next generation console will be coming and this could add more potential customers as well as added software sales.

Some have suggested this as the ideal opportunity for Sony to make some progress, and looking back to the amount of units sold towards the end of the PlayStation 2 era, this could (price pending) be a good way to entice customers from other territories. This news will make many question when the PS4 really will arrive, expecting it to be later than the dates speculated, although decent bundle packs is bound to affect the Wii U sales this Christmas. When it comes to the cost back in July we spoke about aggressive PS3 Super Slim pricing having an affect on its competitors although some have said that under $200 may not be ideal for Sony as they are expected to drop their prices further anyway.

A few weeks ago we highlighted the PS4 being downplayed for the super slim PlayStation 3, as many new titles are coming out for the current console with new ones expected next year, adding to the feeling among many that the PS3 still has plenty of life left in it. Would a reasonably price FIFA 13 bundle give you reason to trade your old console in? Maybe you just feel this is a good marketing strategy for Sony to gain more custom.

  • Ese Aztek

    I think is smart for them to under cut the price and make the wii u look expensive, and make the xbox 4gb not worth getting for. A 250gb superslim price 179.99 w/ fifa13 be a good product to sell for xmas.

  • sonyfan

    No chance will it be 179 with fifa if we have learned anything this gen with sony its they are keeping prices high.

  • Drev

    It will probably be without a hard drive like xbox, maybe not 4GB but 16GB or so.