Halo 4 antagonists weapons visualized

Since the latest shots of the Halo 4 Promethean enemies and their weapons have come to light, we thought fans and those newly interested in this highly anticipated installment would like to visualize what they will be up against. The new images show what seems to be all of the new but ancient antagonist’s weaponry involved in the upcoming game.

The Crawler, Knight Lancer, Crawler Sniper, Knight, Alpha Crawler, Knight Commander and Knight Battle Wagon are all shown on the Attack of the Fanboy website giving an insight into what is expected with each and the added explanations help us understand the enemy, which is rather different in comparison to the traditional Covenant army. Everything from Binary Rifles, Bolt Shots, Incineration Cannons and Pulse Grenades are shown with many more to encounter.

In other news, Gameranx reports on 343 Industries recent explanation of the large-scale battles involved along with Spartan Ops emergent experiences. Frank O’Connor, the Franchise Director from the company answered many questions during last weeks PAX Prime, and when asked whether this edition will be ahead of its time he said “Kinda, sorta,” referring to the many ideas they could take from the very ambiguous ending in Halo 3. The combat on foot has been overhauled for a much faster pace and vehicle combat has taken a back seat in no uncertain terms with less emphasis on that aspect of the game.

Plenty of large scale battles will be involved in the single player campaign, with lots of surprises and the ability to explore adds to the whole experience. He says the Spartan Ops mode is one that will intrigue fans although he does not divulge much about this element of the game, as this is their most experimental part of Halo 4, which could be a big talking point. Last week we wrote about the Solitary Halo 4 map rehash, although those concerned with this type of feature being an issue in the Call of Duty franchise have given 343 Industries cause to take feedback from all games into consideration, making them unlike the maps experienced in COD.

What maps would you like to see make a return? Maybe you would rather just see more new ones.