Pointless Skyrim Hearthfire PC release, PS3 also

With Skyrim Hearthfire already on the Xbox and the second DLC looming for the PC, there have been a number of suggestions asking if the new expansion is pointless? We’ve seen a mixed response in regards to Hearthfire, and even though the PC version is yet to be released and doubts if PS3 owners will ever see it, we have to wonder if they are really that bothered?

When we first learned of the Skyrim Hearthfire DLC and how you were able to customize your own home we thought that Bethesda were going to give the console a kind of modding feature, but what we actually got was some half-baked new content that does not reach its true potential, well that’s according to some of those who have downloaded and played with the new content.

Okay so we know the price is the best part of the new DLC and makes a change to be spending time making a decent home for yourself instead of the constant fighting that you need to do in order to progress – especially in Dawnguard. When we say a decent home we’re using that term a little too loosely as there’s not much you can do with the house in terms of making it unique – if this was a multiplayer game then you would come across houses within the game that all look pretty much the same.

The release date for Hearthfire on the PC has yet to be confirmed, but we expect it to be early to mid-October if going by Dawnguard. Once it does become available we wonder how long it will be before modders improve on it with the Creation Kit?

We’ve forgot to pick up on another issue with Skyrim Hearthfire, and that’s the ability to be able to adopt a child. Okay so we know that being able to have your own child in the game is cool – even though you still cannot conceive one – but when was the last time a thief or a killer was accepted to adopt their own child?

It’s not all bad though, you do get a bigger place to store all your inventory, have your own steward and also a carriage outside your home to take you where you need to go quickly.

Are you really that bothered when Hearthfire will be released on the PC and PS3?

  • R443D

    I think there is going to be a big DLC to Skyrim soon. they just made this in the meantime.

    (Bethseda really hate PlayStation dont they?)

    • http://www.facebook.com/ryan.kesler.549 Ryan Kesler

      No, Playstation consoles hates Bethesda games. They just don’t work on Playstation consoles (people have similar problems to this day with Fallout 3 and New Vegas). I’m sure Bethesda is to blame for not being able to program for the PS3, since they are notorious for buggy games. On the other hand, they’ve at least made Skyrim playable on two other platforms, so who knows.

      • Thomas Swift

        It’s because Bethesda doesn’t develop for the PS3, They just do a shotty port over; It’s actually a half— way of doing things, if you plan on a multi-platform release. It would probably be best if bethesda just dropped off PS3 altogether.

      • Dan Smith

        Yet Oblivion worked fine?

  • Angry Gamer

    I would love Hearthfire to come out on PS3! I hope they do release it!!

  • PS3 User

    Psshhh… I don’t care about Hearthfire. I just want to become a Vampire Lord in Dawnguard.

    • That 1 Guy

      Then be prepared to wait…

  • Casavir1

    I am really looking forward to Hearthfire on PC – from what I’ve seen it offers so much more than what is currently available as mods.

  • http://www.facebook.com/stormystorms Falcon D. Stormvoice

    But it’s (thankfully) NOT a multi-player game, so who cares?

    I’ve seen the PC mod, and this a lot better, no matter what lies PC gamers are telling themselves. The homebuilding mod is to Hearthfire what modded Oblivion is to Skyrim. Bethesda always does it better than the modders in the end.

    • http://www.facebook.com/ryan.kesler.549 Ryan Kesler

      I agree, Bethesda’s work is superior to the modders once they’ve patched it several times and have released sub-patches to correct the things the patch screwed up.

      • http://www.facebook.com/stormystorms Falcon D. Stormvoice

        Meh, mods are really buggy as well.

        The clearest way I can put it is, “is modded Oblivion more impressive than Skyrim”? That’s the difference between mod-work and Bethesda-made DLC.

      • Cory

        Oh dear. You go ahead and tell yourself that.

  • pissed ps3 player!

    i seriously want to play dawnguard, and d fact dat bethesda were working on hearthfire nd not concentrating on dawnguard for ps3 is a slap to d face. they shud at least make sure we get hearthfire immediately and dawnguard asap. becos truth be told im looking forward to both

  • Dan Smith