Tekken Tag Tournament 2: Visual review perfection

Tomorrow will see the release of Tekken Tag Tournament 2 and it seems as though Namco Bandai Games can feel proud of the fact that they have done a pretty decent job, will if you take some of the early reviews into consideration. We know that it’s early days and we cannot gauge a decent insight until the game is released before we get more reviews, but so far they are bordering on perfection.

In the very first review for Tekken Tag Tournament 2 the score was an almost perfect 10 from one reviewer while another two gave the latest game from the franchise a 10 and 39 out of 40. However, it’s reported that this was an early Japanese review so you’ll have to expect the review scores for the U.S., UK and the rest of Europe to be a little different, although we do expect the scores to still be pretty impressive.

Although there’s not much in the way of reviews online for Tekken Tag Tournament 2, there are a few to choose on YouTube, although these visual reviews are from an early version of the game so you will need to make a few allowances for changes that have been made in the final release version.

With the first video review there seems to be some negative reviews from those who have watched the video, the reason for this is because they can tell that the guy is not used to the game and its controls, which means how can fans take such a review seriously? However, you have to remember that it’s just a quick look at the gameplay and not an in-depth review; which side of the fence are you on?

The second video is a review based on a personal opinion, which are the ones we love as it gives you a fans perspective. The reviewer has based his opinion on games from the same genre and makes an early point that the need for a new Tekken game is long overdue. He has given the gameplay a 5 out of 5 because the size of the features in a fighting game is unheard of, and what games are available in the genre is unable to compete. It’s clear that this is a more insightful review and leaves you wanting to experience the game for yourself, which you will be able to do in just one day’s time.