Today’s FIFA 13 demo download now available

The opportunity to check out the highly anticipated FIFA 13 game is here, and with the release of the demo on the PC this morning, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 owners will get the chance later on today. With just over two weeks before EA’s next installment comes out, those eager to get their season underway will be able to get a taste of the new improved game, and this is the ideal situation for fans to experience the new features.

Apparently, from 9am this morning PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 owners can download the new soccer demo with some great playable teams including Manchester City, Arsenal, AC Milan, Arsenal, Borussia Dortmund and Juventus. In an article on CVG, they inform their readers that Xbox gamers will be able to do this between 10am-2pm in the UK, with PS3 owners in the United Kingdom getting their chance between 10pm-2am, according to a twitter confirmation by Electronic Arts.

With multiplatform magazine GamesMaster reviewing the upcoming FIFA 13 game last week, a 91% verdict is a decent score regarding this years version as much better than the last, and they overall impression is that “the core game is simply the best football on a console that there has ever been.” Highlighting today’s demo release IDigital Times mention the playable teams, but also explain that Barcelona and the game’s cover star Messi have been left out. Therefore, those hoping to check out the likes of Messi, Ronaldo, Van Persie and Gareth Bale will have to wait until the full game comes out on 25th of September in North America and on the 28th of September in Europe.

Americans wanting to download the demo are also informed that it will be released anytime between 5 am and 9 am EST on the Xbox and 5 pm and 9 pm on the PS3. Looking at an article on Wales Online it seems that the country has been denied a place in the popular football game yet again, which is a shame as the lack of licensing means Wales are still the only home nation not represented on the Electronic Arts game. We can understand the frustration among fans, and we feel that even though they have struggled to make their mark in recent years, they have produced some of the best footballing talent in this part of the globe.

When you look at the emphasis put on certain leagues including the Korean and Australian division, as well as England’s League 2 teams, then look at how well the likes of Swansea and Cardiff have done to compete at the top level of the Premiership and Championship the red jersey nation should definitely be included. Apparently, an agreement with EA has now come to light and further iterations of the game will represent Wales, which begs the question whether they could be added to this version as a form of DLC, even though the program for FIFA 13 had already been written prior to the agreement.

In other FIFA 13 news, yesterday we spoke about rumored bundles of the game with the new super slim PS3 console, and whether this will be the ideal way for Sony to revive interest in the current generation, although the price would be the main factor considering the Christmas holiday season. Additionally we also wrote about the actual release date of FIFA 13 and the list of Stadiums that will be included. Were you hoping to see Lionel Messi in the demo? What are your thoughts about the omission of Wales once again?

  • Rodney


  • yep

    chillen in aus waiting for it to be available :/

    • Azzaaaaaaa

      same here, i’m going insane

      • ronaldo21

        when is it available

        • Zizou

          it aint available in India too!

          • Guest

            when is it available??

          • Luis

            Ea said from 10am- 2pm UK time but still nothin

          • Luis

            nice name–year im waiting

        • Luiss

          it says fifa 13 demo on home but doesnt give the option to download yet only rate :/

  • Abdullah Khatib

    when is it available ???

  • Gbot

    I’m in aus too, reckon it’ll be early tomorro morning, 4am Perth time

  • fifalover

    im still waiting for it

  • Brandon Schmahl

    It’s available here in the US. Awesome game.

  • fifalover

    downloading fifa 13 demo now!!!! yessssss its here 😀

  • Jlk95

    It’s available in aus just search FIFA 13

  • gee

    when is the release date for the full game for xbox?

  • Chaswick

    the full game will be released in Europe on Friday 28th September in Australia HI on
    Thursday 27th September, as well as in North America on Tueday 25th September.

  • figgz

    wens it available in canada

  • MadSon

    Still chilling in Aus waiting for it to be available.
    What even is this?

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      its out! im downloading it now :)

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    Am in uk looking at the playstation store nothing so far :'( 11:23pm nd nothing

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    it’s only 7pm in new york… the demo won’t hit australia until after 3 pm

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      How do you know

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    Hasent come out on my ps3 yet why