Collection of FIFA 13 demo reviews: Checks all the boxes

Yesterday saw the release of EA’s FIFA 13 demo on the PS3 and although some may have expected this a day earlier we are glad it is here. By looking at a few reviews we can see that this has been welcomed by many, and as far as improvements are concerned this demo ticks all the relevant boxes. With some respected sites giving their perspective of this an overall impression shows that FIFA 13 has got what it takes to rival its predecessors.

This demo is seen to be a rather nice teaser of what looks set to be a truly great game and What Culture has given an extensive account of their thoughts highlighting some key features. When it comes to presentation, they feel that it has had a decent uplift that seems like an annual element to each release, although the differences between various players make them easier to distinguish their playing performance. The first touch control feature is the best one experienced here giving it a more realistic football feel.

The attacking intelligence is also a part of the game that required improvements and this is implemented well making some subtle changes that benefit with more options in the final third. Collisions that are more realistic are noted with the Impact Engine, along with the tactical free-kick element, which adds more options to those dead ball situations. To compliment the attacking intelligence the defensive side has also been looked into as this would not balance the game otherwise, and the opposition AI gives this years iteration a more direct and intelligent approach for the CPU opposition.

The complete dribble aspect is also another welcome addition viewed as one of the best new advances, as the ability to beat players in a more realistic fashion is something that was lacking in FIFA 12, so on the whole, this version has exciting and fresh gameplay that feels more fluid than ever. SportsKeeda also give their impression of the game regarding it as a game that has all the necessary requirements for this to be big hit, offering an exciting on-pitch experience, which is not only challenging but very realistic as well.

After finally downloading the PS3 demo yesterday evening my personal experience was one of pleasure, and one of the noted improvements was to do with the numerous times my player crossed the ball over to the centre of the field with different results for each occasion. Sometimes the speed of my progression down the wing had various outcomes for how the ball landed and span off in certain directions causing both sets of players to move towards the action. My initial thoughts were to have a quick go, although two hours later the limited teams involved still held my attention.

In relation to this, only a couple of days ago we wrote about the FIFA 13 demo download available that day, and our apologies go out to our expectant PS3 readers who had to wait, although the time and date was stated by EA. Taking this into account we hope you have had the opportunity to check it out for yourselves. Playing this great demo has given me cause to go out and buy this when it comes out. Has this enticed you to get FIFA 13 as soon as it is released? What is your impression of the demo?