iPhone 5 graphics performance and increased battery life

The new iPhone 5 is said to be the fastest, lightest and thinnest along with great graphics and increased battery life, so we are eager to know how much better this new device is compared to its predecessors. It seems that although every iteration of the iPhone is superior in some way or form, this new edition offers so many fresh features that every angle has been covered.

The A6 chip involved adds to the graphical performance of the iPhone 5 and the battery life shows that being custom made to work with iOS 6 makes this more power efficient. Listing all the new features Apple.com also mention the A6 chip, which offers graphics performance double the speed of the A5 and near enough everything you do with this device is noticeably faster in comparison to its predecessor.

With up to 8 hours of browsing on a cellular connection, the same goes for talk time, along with up to 10 hours of video playback time. As far as gaming is concerned, you can power through graphics-intensive apps and revel in the higher frame rates adding more to the gameplay

The A6 chip also offers graphics performance that is up to twice as fast as the A5, so you can power through graphics-intensive apps and games, enjoying higher frame rates for smoother, more realistic gameplay. In an article on Forbes they mention the full console quality graphics, although the amount of time spent running through the camera features could have been used to better affect, even though a live demo of Real Racing 3 was a good way to see the processing performance and graphics horsepower.

Some have suggested that this new device is basically a new portable game system and this will make a noticeable difference in the world of mobile gaming, as the battery power will allow you to play throughout the day without having to re-charge, unlike that of the PS Vita and the 3DS. Last month we wrote about the high expectation that the iPhone 5 is to set records, and the idea that it will sell over 250 million units could be a reasonable target. Have you been waiting to get you hands on the new iPhone 5? Maybe you missed the last upgrade out, because this is the phone you were waiting for.