Pointless PS3 4.25 update for non PS Plus members

The latest PlayStation 3 4.25 update is ideal for those PS Plus members worried about losing save game data, but a pointless exercise for those without the subscription. An upgraded 1GB of online storage will give PlayStation Plus members the opportunity to back up their progress if the console becomes problematic or they decide to move to another one.

This comes as no concern for those non PS Plus members, although gamers who do subscribe will be able to rest assure that their season data or progress in their beloved titles is now backed up should anything go wrong. Highlighting the specifics of this update Mobile Magazine also mention that Xbox users who also subscribe will have their storage for saved games with the Microsoft cloud, so we thought it would be a good idea to let our readers know that this recent update is only good if you have PlayStation Plus.

Gamers who have previously had to delete older titles to make room for new ones will find that this PlayStation Plus update is ideal, as those who put hours of time and effort into their games will be comforted by this welcome fix. Back in June, we wrote about the 4.20 update going live and this offered easier browsing, although many had their heart set on a completely new browser, as this is one of the PlayStation 3’s weakest elements.

The 4.20 rectified issues with an annoying pop-up, which asks you about plug-ins on more than one occasion, so even though we were expecting more, we are glad of any updates that improve the PS3’s browser. Are you a PS Plus member that will really feel the benefit from the 4.25 update? Did you download this then realise it was pointless for non PlayStation Plus members?

  • Szabotage

    Obviously a waste for non-plus members. Until recently, I was a hardcore BF3 player until I discovered just how flawed PSN security is, period. People do not realize that $ony servers are still under constant attack and that tons of private user information is flowing freely into the hands of people who will hold it hostage. Their “game security”, and I use this that term loosely, is even worse. 65% of the players online these days are cheating or hacking their way into the bigger ranks, the MAIN reason I stopped playing…… Don’t get me wrong, XBL is just as bad, if not worse…..

    • FactCheck

      Please provide proof of this.

      • busyb02

        Turn on modern warfare 3, look at the top of the global leader boards. Turn on Black Ops and do the same. For a real laugh, turn on Modern Warfare 2 and do this, and note that the top 1000+ players have -2.303034928052052702357 kill death ratio (which is pretty much a floating point number resulting from an error due to the user having hacked), but they are at the top of the list for the world. Thats JUST Call of Duty…. Other games Im sure have the same issue.

    • john

      i noticed too,,im a daily player,,and some ranks dont make sense to me,,im happy with my ranking ,but i look at others and no way they… must have been playing the game for 10 years,and 24 hours a day ,,to get them rankings 😉