Real Racing 3 initiates iPhone 5 phenomenon

As we look to see how far the next iPhone has come, the gaming aspect was highlighted with Real Racing 3, and the live demo shown at Apple’s iPhone 5 press conference event was an ideal way to see both the game and the device in action. Apple showed plenty of new features involving the new device, although there were many left wanting to see more of the gaming side.

It has been said that too much attention was paid to the camera features, although the time spent showing the Real Racing 3 game was viewed to be an enjoyable experience. The great screenshot above shows this title in action, which is also seen on the Joystiq website along with more details concerning EA’s comments regarding a “time-shifted” asynchronous multiplayer for the game, and this will apparently use Game Center iOS 6 challenges.

In other news, The Guardian reports on what this new iPhone could entail as far as the developers and apps are concerned, and although rapid updates will be due in the short term, more expectation revolves around the hope of a better App Store to complement the iPhone 5. The bigger screen will be a decent addition for developers to get their teeth into, along with more updates to existing apps, although we are sure that it will take a bit of time for developers to make the most of this extra space.

They are very impressed with the new iPhone 5, although they do also mention how good the Galaxy S III, and Lumia 920 are, so this sort of competition is bound to benefit the consumer. Our earlier iPhone 5 post spoke about the graphics performance and increased battery life, which are just a couple of the great features involved, although these are the main selling points that are bound to get enthusiasts on board. Were you expecting Real Racing 3 to be the showcase game for the iPhone 5? Do you think mobile gaming is showing great improvements?