Wii U price confirmation, release details excites

Although we were expecting the release of Nintendo’s Wii U console to be around the time of the Christmas holidays, confirmation of this has given us cause for excitement along with the news of the price. In previous posts we have looked at some of the features this next gen console contains and with no real details of when the new Sony and Microsoft consoles are coming, the Wii U will be in a prime position to take full advantage of this time gap in the market.

Nintendo has confirmed their new console will be going on sale in Japan on the 8th of December, and will be priced at around 26,250 yen, which translates to the equivalent of £209 or $340. Highlighting this news The Daily Mail Online mention the recent announcement and the ideal opportunity for those looking for a Christmas present to rival all others, although we hope to have news on the arrival of the console in other territories very soon.

In an article on CVG, they also write about the confirmation of the release date and price and expect more details at special press events tomorrow, as Japan will be first up with a Wii U webcast, which can be seen on the Japanese Nintendo Direct page tomorrow morning. Not long after a broadcast on the Nintendo Europe website will be around 3 pm in the United Kingdom where more is expected to be revealed, along with a New York press event running simultaneously.

Many sources have directed us to an early December Wii U UK release, and some suggestions have been a North American launch possible in late November, with indications that a sub-$300 (£190) price point would be an ideal cost for the console to do well in North America. As we wait patiently for more news its worth referring our readers to our Tuesday post, which spoke about some of the expected Wii U facts, and that plenty of questions will be answered. Do you think this is the best possible time for Nintendo to release their new console?