Demo differences: FIFA 13 vs PES 2013

Fans of football games in general will have the option of the two top soccer games again this year with more improvements to make the decision of which one is best even harder this time around. Now that the demos have come out for both FIFA 13 and PES 2013 we are interested in some opinions on both to get an overall perspective of which is going to be more prominent this season.

After playing both PES 2013 and the latest FIFA 13 demos, it is hard to make a concrete decision and maybe another FIFA demo with a few national sides would help me define my opinion on both. To be totally honest both franchises are great for football fans and over the years I have swayed from each regarding PES 2011 as better than FIFA 11, but last years FIFA 12 managed to bring me back to EA. In an article on Pluggedin, they are also concerned with which one is best, and they mention the feedback that gave Konami cause to release two demos.

Looking at both demos the FIFA 13 one only includes five playable teams whereas Pro Evolution’s second demo contained 11 fully licensed teams. Both games have noticeable new improvements, with PES 2013 the Pro-Active AI is ideal for moving on and off the ball making it more realistic. Although FIFA 13’s First Touch Control and the Player Impact Engine are just a few of the new enhancements to the game, so their conclusion from the demo experience was more in favor of FIFA 13 being a bigger hit.

Highlighting the modes in the actual FIFA 13 game, The Bleacher Report writes about some of the new additions, as well as a return of a few older ones. In this version, gamers will get the opportunity to play a match from that day’s schedule, which contains commentary that coincides with what is happening in the club’s league. The popular Ultimate Team mode is back and this is said to have the same addictive feel along with the Seasons mode. The Career aspect allows gamers to be a player or a manager on two separate saves or combine the two blending the Manager and Be a Pro mode.

In addition, there will be Pro Club Seasons and Skill Games that can also be played while you wait for your match to start. Only yesterday, we looked at a collection of FIFA 13 demo reviews and we are pleased to see that this version has ticked all the boxes adding a more realistic football feel to the game. We understand some opinions can be subjective to change once the actual games are released but it seems that FIFA 13 looks set to be another big hit, even though we personally feel that both franchises have some seriously good features both bringing a unique and more realistic experience to world of football games. Which demo do you feel is the best? Do you think FIFA 13 is going to come out on top when the full games are released?

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beside PES having a few teams and LEAGUES. its more realistic and more funner than FIFA

no competition whatsoever. PES has not imrpoved since 2009. There is no realism about the gameplay, the graphics are good but we're not playing the graphics. I was a PES fan for years but turned to FIFA the last few and there is no going back.

PES is the best soccer game out nw I've played both i knw what im talking abt

FIFA good if you want fun plus licenses but game play PES 13 beats it this year. With FIFA its easy to replicate same outcomes. I scored same way severally with FIFA 13 but with PES 13, its so real with different response every time. Defenders tracking down my play-maker, u lose possession and u get punished. So far have been very very impressed with PES 13 and I wont be buying FIFA 13. Its a matter of choice. Anyone can play FIFA but you need to be tactical, reading every move, quick passing and looking for space to exploit in PES 13. No offence but FIFA 13 for ages 2+ while PES 13 for quick learners ages 15+.

Pes 2013 i9s so much better with a lot of improvements, Fifa never seems to change.

side to side football is boring now anyway after 20 years of it, i play pes for player cam for different immersion, i play fifa now and again because of all the leagues, this year im pes 2013.

this article only says about fifa not pes!

That just shows you are a gamer not a footballer

fifa 13 i played both already pes 2011 was really good better then fifa 11 but then i switch to fifa 12 because pes 2012 did not change that much n fifa did fifa 13 so far the best football game i ever played before that it was Winning Eleven 8