Skyrim MERP prohibition blow for LOTR fans

Recently sent out Cease and Desist letters by Warner Brothers to the developers of Skyrim’s Middle Earth Roleplaying Project has amounted to a halt for the eagerly anticipated gaming mod preventing the project from progressing. This is not welcome news for Skyrim, Lord of the Rings and game mod fans, although there is still a possibility that this will eventually become available.

The popular MERP involved in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion gained a great reception and there is an option for fans to sign a fast growing petition in order to put pressure on Warner Brothers. Details of this are documented on Gaming Illustrated and various actions can be taken through social media sites and forums. Apparently, Team MERP are hiring a lawyer to assist their battle to lift the restriction, and they also support concerned fans, so those wanting to share their opinions and ask questions can visit the MERP’s forums.

In other Skyrim news, Gameranx writes about the mods adding amazing armor and two are listed that they feel fans will appreciate. The Space Wiking Dwemer Exoskeleton and the Dwarven Dwemer Power Armor are detailed with what is available in the pack. The Hyperion exoskeleton gives the wearer more speed and strength and the Dwarven Dwemer Armor the heaviest, ideal for power. Those expecting a resolution for Skyrim Dawnguard on the PlayStation 3 will find our last post interesting, as we are still in the dark about whether this will become available, and from what Sony and Bethesda are saying it looks like we might as well give up hope.

Have you given up waiting for the arrival of Dawnguard on the PS3? What do you think about the MERP prohibition?

  • Sarah

    More or less decided for me that I will not be buying any Lotr games until they stop attacking modders who spend their own time, and their own money, creating free mods.

  • Aryon James

    I will not buy any lotr game made by ea until they stop attacking modders.