Xbox 720 immersive 3-D experience

Trying to prize any information regarding Microsoft’s next generation console is not an easy task, and limited information gives us cause to wonder not only what it will look like, but also whether it will be actually called the Xbox 720. Details on what features it may have are closely guarded secrets although there are suggestions that it will involve an immersive 3-D experience.

By looking at a recently posted patent application from the US Patent and Trademark Office, it seems that Microsoft has applied for a patent regarding an “immersive display experience.” Reporting this news, Examiner highlights the details of this feature, which is expected to give players a realistic gaming experience due to the moving displays on various surfaces that are within the range.

The application has only recently been made public and other techniques have been used in the past, such as switching from two-dimensional to 3-D animation, thus increasing the resolution of game graphics along with more natural controllers. In the document, it also says it will contain a 3-D experience using suitable headgear with the likes of shutter glasses. Additionally, a new camera component may be used to measure depth of a scene to get a perspective of distances.

Although none of this has been officially confirmed by Microsoft, the idea that the new Xbox will be able to determine the size of the room where it resides, sounds like a great improvement. In other next gen news, Tapescape write about Ubisoft’s views on how the likes of the Xbox 720, PS4 and Wii U will get fewer triple A titles. This comes from the company’s CEO, Yves Guillemot who feels that the next gen consoles will definitely have some improved games, but he also feels that there will be less of them.

He can also see the future of gaming revolving around so called Free-To-Play titles, which could mean less games are actually published. As we mentioned earlier, the limited news on the Xbox 720 has started to open up and our article on the release window teased by Microsoft points in the direction of a recent job vacancy for a senior role within their entertainment division, giving us reason to believe the console may come before 2014. Do you think sometime next year we will see the new Xbox 720? Alternatively, what do you think about the future of Free-To-Play gaming?

  • chunk

    Hardcore gamers don’t really go for free to play.

    • Dover

      I would mostly agree with that statement, but lately there are some very big free to play games that have MLG capabilities…. (League of Legends, DOTA 2, SMITE, Tribes: Ascend, Blacklight: Retribution) So I would say that your comment is a bit ridiculous, because that’s where most of the hardcore gamers are… Not games like Halo and CoD, those are more casual gamers.