Gathering of Borderlands 2 reviews

Gathering a collection of Borderlands 2 reviews we are intrigued to see if this will be as well received as the first one if not better, and by running though a few different perspectives we get the overall impression this is an improved title in comparison. When a sequel comes out some fans of the original may remain skeptical about whether the familiar feel will be lost to appeal to the wider audience, but from what we can see this is definitely not the case.

The focus this time around has concentrated on narrative and the gameplay, which have improved somewhat since Borderlands 1 and WA Today echo this sentiment regarding the sequel as not only better but much bigger as well. Their hands-on look gave them the opportunity to check out an extensive amount of guns adding to the overall experience and the outrageous design has continued to great affect building on the well received original.

A nice mix of RPG elements along with amazing action and excess amounts of loot are available in this edition and more story DLC is expected in the future. The overall impression here is that they have not tried to recreate too much and the same type of experience is on offer, which made the first game such a cult classic. Considering this, near enough every part of this title shows improvements and there is much more content involved with more expected.

In an article on IGN they also mention how developer Gearbox has stuck with what worked well in the original and all aspects of the game have been enhanced especially the gameplay and narrative. The loot is an addictive part of this title and as far as weapons go, there is so much on offer, and there is plenty that you do not know you need, until you come across it. Awarding Borderlands 2 with a score of 9.0 they highlight the improvements, but also suggest more visual customization options would be ideal, although this is highly recommended as an excellent shooter.

Flesh Eating Zipper’s conclusion was not of the final game although they expect it to be pretty awesome, as they did not get the opportunity to really check out the significant tweaks in their limited playing time, although their love for the original seemed to be rejuvenated by their experience of Borderlands 2. From what they saw, the art direction looks gorgeous and a decent 8 out of 10 was awarded here.

Going back to the IGN article, they talk about the hunt for loot becoming addictive and this is also mentioned in our June post where we justified some of the comparisons to Diablo 3. We also understand that not everyone shares the view of similarities and some may regard the two games as too different to compare, especially when you consider the overall look. Are you swayed by the recent reviews? Will you be trying out Borderlands 2 for yourself, if so let us know your thoughts.

  • Keith W. Rafdahl Jr.

    I will be getting Borderlands 2 tonight! I am looking forward to Hours of gameplay for the next month and a half before Halo 4. I can’t wait to get my hands on this! The first was a blast to play and am currently playing it as we speak while writing this. Im going to beat it for the 4th time today before the midnight release. I Couldnt have asked for a better FPSRPG game.