GTA 5 trailer, almost a year on

In little over a months time it would have been a year since the first Grand Theft Auto V trailer was released, and in that time we would have assumed that Rockstar would have treated us to a second GTA 5 trailer by now, but instead all we have are 12 screenshots – although they do help shed light on certain elements of the game.

As we get ever closer to the holiday season we assume that Rockstar will share more details, such as another trailer, characters, storylines or even the official release date, but time and again the developer fails to keep us informed. There’s now a suggestion that we could learn more about GTA V during Take-Two Interactive’s investor call meeting on September 20th, although the same thing was assumed a few months back.

Those 12 screenshots that we mentioned above have done just enough to keep the interest level up, so it would certainly be nice if Rockstar were to share something new with us and incorporate some of the things we have seen in the images. We would love to know what the deal is with fighter jet – which looks like an F18 to me. Then again the image of the guy on the side of the car transporter has got us thinking as well.

It does seem funny that almost a year on and what we know about GTA 5 is still vague, although this has not stopped the speculation from building. One possibility is that the story will revolve around a former crime boss who seems to have had enough of his life and wishes to get away from his past, but we all know that things are never that simple. This is just one possibility considering what we saw in that one and only trailer.

What do we hope to see in the second GTA V trailer? Fans have already expressed their interest in seeing just how big the map will be and if you can enter houses this time round. It’s no secret that the story is the most important aspect to Grand Theft Auto, so even more insight into this would be a positive for Rockstar. Personally we don’t think that the game will be out this side of Christmas, but ther’s a slim possibility that we could see the second trailer, let’s just hope Rockstar makes it happen.

  • HoofingNinja

    I don’t care if they release a video of Bigfoot raping a ped, as long as it’s ‘V’ related. Hopefully soon :)

  • Search And Destroy

    R* killed our buzz by being Claude aka “the mute” 😛

  • Dan Houser

    In the new trailer there MUST be catchy music, reassuranace that we have more activitys than GTA IV, and of course the main character(s?)

  • Tyrone

    Where the white women at???

  • William Semple

    Think they are experimenting on impatience or something along those lines, whilst still holding consumer interest in their grips. Testing my patience is failing, I know that more time spent is worth it in the long run! 😀

  • natelloyd

    Rockstar are being very clever. Not only have they got us fans creating a huge hype by keeping quiet, but they can use our feedback and discussions, ideas, what we’d like to see included discussion. And use them to their advantage to make it perfect.

  • Matt83

    I know I’m probs gonna get alot of disagree’s but the game could very well still be coming this year. Alot will say ”How? theres no 2nd trailer yet” etc etc. 2nd trailer or not, even if the game was coming out next year, rockstar would already mentioned that its coming in 2013. Instead they are saying nothing….. why? because they are being quiet and not letting anything out, they want to keep info secret aswell as the release date. They obviously doing this for a reason. Someone posted awhile ago the time length of when a GTA game gets released from its first trailer. They all followed the same pattern and its expected that the game should come out within a couple of months or else they are breaking the routine. Also isnt it that every GTA game has come out in OCT except GTA IV cause of software problems. OCT is also on the number plates of cars in the screenshot of GTA5……

  • lol

    Gta 5 will released in 2018

  • ✖ Jeremy Walker ✖

    Want a new trailer?
    1.) Put all screenshots in slideshow
    2.) Add cool hipster music
    3.) GTA 5 TRAILER #2

  • Harry

    Rockstar are keeping it quite because its going to be amazing, if everyone knew what was on it when it was coming out the hype would die within a couple of weeks they will be like apple and give us a trailer a few weeks before the release

  • Rockstar Development Team

    The game will be released in time and its already being made to be the best game to hit the shelves, it’s amazing just developing the game.

    You guys better be ready 111112

    From the Rockstar Development Team (Take Two)

  • theturtleway

    We all wait patiently…as if there was any choice. I read so many topics on gtav.
    Every day I type GTA V in the searchbar hoping for some new detail. I have read boycott; what nonsense. Is there some rule that X amount of dollars be spent advertising? Or do we need previews so that we can formulate theories? I spent well more than a couple hundred hours in San Andreas. I have searched every inch of that game world and I appreciate the details. In GTA (Rockstar games in general) the best parts are the unexpected. The ads on the stations are great, dead-on commentaries on the sad state of modern culture, what will the streetwalkers be like this time? Will hot coffee be “fleshed” out the way it should have been in San Andreas (AO?). I wonder if they are ready to take on the crazy imbalance of violence vs. sex. Murder is ok in a game, but sex is a no-no? Maybe it’s time that a game is made for grown-ups. There might be enough gamers out there over 18 to make the sales numbers solid. But did the lazy people who are supposed to be parents ever even notice that they bought a rated M for their kids in the first place? I guarantee that sex would get their attention the way gallons of blood seem not to. Then again, mostly gone are the days when parents actually made sure PG is PG, and rated R is off limits. I love San Andreas; it is fifty games in one. I love GTA 4. GTA 3 was great. The collection of music is grand. Every aspect of this game is thought about and then polished so that they can be sure that it is the other game that is compared to GTA and never the other way around. We will no doubt hear things like, “they could have used a Call of Duty style here or some comparison to Saints Row. Saints Row 3 is a great game. Comparisons not needed. GTA is its own greatness. I wait impatiently and have a strong suspicion that it will be out in this very October. I hope anyway. It’s so close now it’s painful. And at least I have all these rants to read until then so I know I am not alone.

  • dennis

    It will come out soon they used the same startegy for gta4 and red dead.