Lack of PS3 Dawnguard information and transparency

If you are a PS3 and Skyrim owner then now’s not a good time to own either because of the lack of DLC support. It’s no secret that there are a few issues when it comes to bringing out Dawnguard, which as we know is the first downloadable content for Skyrim. It’s also obvious that those with a PlayStation 3 will not be happy with Bethesda, which is evident by the amount of negative comments that has been sent into certain members of the team behind the development of the DLC.

There are so many ways to look at this situation, but no matter what we say or do it’s not going to change the outcome, so we should just let both Sony and Bethesda get on with trying to figure out how to get the first Skyrim DLC to the PS3 instead of giving the likes of Pete Hines a hard time seeing as though his job is PR and not the development of the DLC.

Having said that, Hines should keep us better informed because the information and transparency is lacking in a big way, which is a major reason why those with a PS3 have now started to hit out, no matter who bares the force of their anger. Hines would have known that Dawnguard would not be coming to Sony’s console a month after the Xbox 360 exclusive period, if we had been kept informed then there is the possibility that there would not have been half as much negativity towards Bethesda.

Some of the comments that have been coming is have been pretty funny, and you have to admire how Hines can spin it to make it sound pretty funny, even though this is a big issue for the company. One Tweet said, “the official count is in! 100% of Ps3 users that intend on giving you their money are complete morons! All hail bathexbox!” In which Hines then replied back “Thx for calling all the folks who enjoyed Skyrim PS3 idiots. I’m sure they appreciate it.” The banter then went on but it was one-sided as Hines decided not to answer anymore of those Tweets.

Some PS3 owners still believe that there will be a positive outcome and that Dawnguard and Hearthfire will still make it to the console, but it’s hard to stay positive. We say this because both Sony and Bethesda said that they are struggling to get DLC to work on the PlayStation 3. As you would imagine there has been a huge reaction from PS3 users who believe that they are entitled to some sort of compensation with some suggesting that Bethesda owe them this content. However, this does not form part of the game when it was purchased and was not promised as part of it either, even though there have been some suggestions that is states on the Skyrim box add-on content available, which we have not noticed, have you?

What’s your stance on this issue?

  • better business brueau

    sue Sony and Bethesda for wrongful business practices; i.e, ‘Add-On Content’ advertised on the back of Skyrim’s PS3 case, as well as Bethesda stating the 360 will have DLC first before ‘PS3’ and PC

  • rc

    just release it bethesda. Its been way to long now. We dont care about the bugs. We just wanna play it. PLEASE! we give up, you win.

    • Ron Burgundy

      ok lets say you get to a point and save it. Once you reload the save, it says its “corrupted” wht do u do? Think before you post.

      • KillerKlown

        beat my wife

    • chris

      don’t roll over like a lap dog just to have Bethesda rub your tummy. They haven’t won anything! You give in to easy, they have buggered us well ant trully up the kybur! We pay £40 quid for a game thats not fit for purpose, that should entitle us to our money back! Head down this road and get them swetting. If everybody demanded they’re money back they’ll fcuking crack!

  • Bk

    I have spent countless hours building my character. If i woulda known that xbox would have been the only way to get console expansions i would have bought an xbox. as for kow i wont because i have no way to recoup those hours of building and developing.

    • sup

      level up to 15 and use the Ohgma Infinium glitch to max out your perks to 100

      • Syed Mahir Hussain

        They fixed that bug.

        • elder thing

          hermaous mora is pleased

  • casper13rocks

    no wear on the back of my game sujests dlc to come but the fact remains skyrim is not an exclusive game and is sold on multiple platforms its against fair traiding law that content be avalible for some platforms while others are excluded it has been stated by peter hines that dawngarud dose run on ps3 but some peoples experiance may be afected this isnt good enuff why should every one miss out if only some will be afected and the fact they wont say anything is whats the most anoying we just whant to know what going on

    • EyeHaveSpoken

      What are you talking about? First of all you clearly do not understand what fair trade laws are. Second, Bethesda is in no way in violation of any fair trade laws if they decide to not release DLC content for one platform. In fact, the only way Bethesda would be legally responsible for DLC not being released on the PS3 is if they signed a contract with Sony binding them to such an agreement. Seeing as how no contract has been signed, Bethesda is in no way legally liable for DLC not hitting the PS3. Laslty, learn how to spell, for its a crime to even read your comments.

      • jmac

        Dude, if you’re going to gun someone down for their spelling make sure yours is on point…
        1. ‘Laslty’
        2. ‘its’ should be ‘it’s’

  • Robert Perez

    On the back of the PS3 box for Skyrim it says Add-On Content/Trophies. By Bethesda not releasing the DLC on PS3 they false advertised and that is illegal.

    • ɪ_яɪʞʊ

      I’ve got my PS3 Skyrim box here and I can’t, for the life of me, find anywhere it says Add-on content/Trophies, (which is a shame, as it makes a great argument). This could just be me being naff at looking and I kinda hope it is because, while I’ve made my peace with Dawnguard, I would hate to have nothing at all to enhance the game… I’m worried Beth may give up on PS3 Skyrim entirely.

      • The Shade

        on the case of the game you look at the top on the back and it will say add-on content, and trophies

        • casper13rocks

          no it dose say add on content anywere on the case ya tripping

          • dood man

            mine is from launch and sure as hell is on there. wen did you get yurs?

      • Robert Perez

        On the back side of the PS3 case for Skyrim there is a gray bar and on tha left hand side of the bar it says “PlayStation Network”. On that same bar on the right hand side it says “Add-On Content-Trophies”. Again, this is on the back side of the case at the very top of it.

        • ɪ_яɪʞʊ

          Figure it must be ’cause of my UK copy.. says ‘network features’ but no add on/ trophies

      • Dr lolipop

        they must have removed add-on sign from later copies, mines from launch and sure as hell IS on there

  • chris

    i believe that i am entitled to my money back because the whole game is broken, they tried to fix it with patches, but there are still many issues with the game freezing and frame rate droping and quests not able to be completed due to glitches. What a sorry state of affairs. The game is not fit for purpose i want my money back. Do i take it back to the shop, or contact Bethesda?

    • Agent #47

      contact bethesda with the sharpest household implement u can find

  • Greg

    gamers who presume to be compensated for waiting longer for a release are fools. Sony doesnt do that. Im curious as to the specific technical problem with ps3 Dawnguard. Id like to know that information.

    • spiritreaver

      People outside the industry like you and myself will most likely never be told the specific technical problem getting Dawnguard on PS3.

      My best guess after having followed this fiasco from the beginning is its the game engine. There is much talk about memory woes, save game bloating, etc; but when you get right down to it the problems with Dawnguard and Skyrim itself are across all 3 platforms-to varying degrees. That just screams ‘game engine’ to me.

    • the DrugsLike me

      yes they need to spit it out, is it so bad we cant know about it?

  • Hybrid_Sausage

    On the back of the box it says “Network Features”. As there is obviously no multiplayer aspect in Skyrim, this clearly refers to add-on content.

    • Nathan ッ Roberts

      It does but it could also mean stuff like trailers and themes.

  • Jonas

    You can find it at the top of the case on the back, above the description and in a black line. It says: “Add-on content- trophies. Maybe it is hard to find but it is definately there.

    • Dan Smith

      Mine says ‘Physical map inside’ top left and has four awards badges top right.

  • –_–

    on the back. upper right corner it say “ADD-ON CONTENT * TROPHIES” mine even has the french under it.

  • vinny

    I bet you Dawnguard will come out really quick when a class action lawsuit is filed for false advertisement.

    • Dan Smith

      I suppose you’d sue McDonalds for making you fat as well?

      • stfu…

        McDonalds never said their food wouldn’t make you fat their not subway…

      • hamburgler

        mcdonald’s never let me down

    • Shannon Hogan

      They will say the mounted combat was the add on content just to avoid the lawsuit lol

    • casper13rocks

      the only lawsuit you could do would breach of fair traiding they havent advertised any dlc to be release on ps3 so nothing has been advertised faslely but they are breach sevrale fair traiding laws


      Haha they will tell you to grow up and buy an Xbox 360 LOL

  • aemagdalena

    i am wondering how much microsoft paid these guys to hold out till people purchased the xbox just to get the dlc. crony capitalism just makes people upset and you lose all reputation . i can wait for this dlc , i have mw3 so i am good .

    • The Devil

      gobbs of money, traded for their souls. how sweet…

  • Shannon Hogan

    I just checked with my homegirl who is a lawyer and a gamer. She sead with the patchs they issue. They have fully met there legal obligation to there consumers
    regarding add on content.THAT’S FD UP!!!

  • Fred Christiansen

    Why cant we just get the damn dlc. damn you to hell problems!

  • the face

    i still think their trying to port the dlc from xbox (which should give a pc no problems) instead of actually making the dlc for ps3


      problem is they are going to make the rest of the DLCs this same way. that only means more despair for us ps3’ers


    add on content on back, top right corner. Bethesda get your sh!t working or get off my ps3 and don’t come back! Were tired of watching you f*ck up.

  • b

    man this suks my friend has an xbox and he loves the fact tat its nt out yet

    • derpy derpy

      tell him to go eat sh!t

  • Jphellen

    I think it’s easy for angry gamers to forget that even without access to the DLC Skyrim is still a great game. I’d say it’s still definitely worth the $60 I paid to have it on my PS3. The one thing that I think could have been handled better with regards to dawnguard being post-poned is the timing of that information. It would have been nice if ps3 owners had known about the issues with Dawnguard before the 30 day exclusive with x-box had finished. That way there wouldn’t have as much built up anticipation and it wouldn’t have felt like ….”Suprise! We can’t get it to work yet.”
    Now I can kind of understand why they didn’t share this info earlier. It’s because they didn’t want Microsoft to know that the their purchase for the exclusive DLC rights was irrelevent and also they were hopeful that these problems would be fixed in time. I guess what I’m saying is a simple statement of “due to technical problems were not sure when Dawnguard will be released for PS3” would have been nice. Now I realize knowing all this and complaining about it after the fact isn’t not going to change anything. So it’s best just be patient and remember that Bethesda is already doing their best to fix because they know that a product that doesn’t work doesn’t make them any money.

    • googoo ballz

      were still waiting………………….

  • Eduard Khil

    Bethaesda needs to pop microsoft’s teabags out of their mouths.

    • mr butt

      they love their tea

  • The Future of Sega

    Skyrim?? No what they NEED to fix is the Shivering Isles on my PS3! Way too many bugs in the game… After I returned to Cyrodiil and came back to the Shivering Isles, all of my quest items AND quests are gone!!! I can’t even finish the main questline because I’m stuck at Xedilian without the Attenuator of Judgment!

    Thank GOODNESS I created a host of spells before entering that place, including 5 bungee jump spells that let me jump 500 feet in the air in case I get stuck somewhere… *sigh*… Oblivion was the first Elder Scrolls game I’ve played… and it looks like it will be my last.

    I can only imagine the horror of Skyrim’s problems… At 5.7MBs my Oblivion game save freezes every 15-20 mins whenever I try to save or enter an auto-save region. It is pa-THETic! Never in my life have I played such a bug-infested, unreliable game.

    You’ll find more reliability in a Jaguar XJ series than you would with Bethesda’s games. They couldn’t make a quality game if their lives depended on it. Now… keep in mind I said the word, “quality.” I agree that Bethesda is capable of making “g-o-o-d” games such as Oblivion and Shivering Isles were “good” games. But they just aren’t capable of making QUALITY games as you see with the sheer amount of frustrating bugs in Skyrim.

    I recommend potential Skyrim buyers to avoid this company at all costs. Playing Bethesda’s games is like eating Pufferfish… don’t…do…it.


      the only bad bug i had in oblivion was magic animation would stay motionless in spot where i used it, butterflys were stuck too. also doors and glass cases would literally take forever to open and close. it only happend on 1 of my saved games. i hav the goty edition

  • Duchess Of Dementia

    I could say alot about this as me being a HUGE Elder Scrolls Fan and PS3 User but all I really want to say is I just hope they do figure put a way because I would feel really left out. So all we really can do is try to keep our hopes up. :/

    • bethesda’s bane

      we are left out. even sony isnt letting us know anything

  • Radu Vladislas

    maybe they could get sued for false advertising, the kill cams and mounted combat arent traditional dlc, they were part of a manditory patch. just another thought

  • monster under the bed

    we aint buyin no xbox because of this, thats just stupid

  • i love your daughter

    why does bethesda have to screw up everything


    f#ck skyrim. lets go play dragon’s dogma


      ha!! now were talkin

  • bobby bouche

    my momma says bethesda is the devil

  • big d!ck ogre

    hey bethesda i gots something for ya

  • your grammaw

    sh!t pickle pickle pickle

  • N-Sack

    I doubt anyone is working on a way to to port Dawnguard to PS3. Its more than likely their developers are working on the next Elder Scrolls title which will of course have a 1 year exclusivity on Xbox.

    • your baby daddy

      well they can hav it. im tired of this crap…

  • Rodrigo Almeida

    “the official count is in! 100% of Ps3 users that intend on giving you their money are complete morons! All hail bathexbox!” In which Hines then replied back “Thx for calling all the folks who enjoyed Skyrim PS3 idiots. I’m sure they appreciate it.”

    Does this mean that the tweeter called idiot to 5 or 6 people??
    Skyrim Ps3 wasn´t something you could really enjoy, it felt more like a chore… Saving every minute with fear that a freeze would cost your progress, resetting every hour because of the lag build-up…
    In 6 years Bethesda didn´t manage to learn to program for the Ps3, and now they just gave up, and handed the problem to a Sony team to solve it, which they most likely won´t since it would mean a lot of re-coding that would make Dawnguard not profitable at all.
    Anyway, most people that were expecting Dawnguard ps3 have moved on already, nobody really cares anymore.

    • Muscle man

      u know who else gave it up to sony? MY MOM!!!!

  • Udi Mayer

    If it is true that only some people will have problems then why don’t they give us a demo version and then we can tell them the glitches and possibly how to fix it.

    P.S. swearing and getting angry at bethesda will just keep things the same and if you are really angry, so angry that you want to punch your computer then get a stress ball you anger management rehabilitation escapee.

    • Rodrigo Almeida

      A DLC demo is very far beyond their capabilities.

      • LOKI

        agreed, they can only build stuff that is guaranteed to last until it falls apart

    • jAbBeRwOckY

      how did you know about my escape? hee hee hee ho ho

  • Justin Ray Haney

    Regardless of what happens and no matter how badly someone trolls Bethesda or Sony, we all know if the DLC is released most of them are still going to be buying it and playing it. I will be one of them. I would like to say no one should buy it in order to prove a point but not only would that put us out of a usually good game but no one is going to not buy it. And if you aren’t buying it, you are either lying, or one of the few. I for one have given up hope and try to push the thought of this DLC to the back of my mind until it becomes a reality.

    • dagoth+yur mom

      i’ll buy it with my middle finger in their face

  • Alexander Duncan

    They have said that they will release it for the ps3 i wonder instead of fiddling around everywere to actually change the codes were there different like they did with fallout new vegas with some the weapons in order for the ps3 to accept them .

    • Sickly Sponge

      apparently were not worth that much time anymore, right bethesda?

  • Cobaltin

    you know you’ll never win with a lawsuit guys, they have millions upon millions of dollars and could get way better lawyers than you could dream of. Maybe one of the techy people here, which I’m positive there are, could, I don’t know, give them a good Idea for getting the DLC on the damn console? just a thought.

    • MyNutzItch

      yeah wut he said

  • Shayne Peters

    Bethesda has a nice chance of getting sued. I’m sure there is a PS3 user right now filing a lawsuit. False advertising never leads to anywhere good Bethesda.

  • iLol

    I lol at the comments, here.

    Bethesda will not get sued. They’ve done nothing wrong, really. There is nothing in the game license to back a lawsuit about this (If there was, anybody without a network connection to their Xbox or PS3 could complain and demand patches and DLC delivered to their doorsteps), it’s really not Bethesda’s fault that PS3 is proving harder to work with than Xbox (Something a few other developers have mentioned. Where’s their hate?), and chances are that Bethesda can’t be directly honest about a problem if it has to do with the PS3, itself, due to some kind of contract gimmick that binds them from talking trash about the system to protect Sony’s integrity on the whole issue (It happens).

    Believe it or not, this is probably both sides fault. Bethesda clearly messed up a bit with Skyrim on PS3 even as the vanilla game, but something within Sony’s system is probably screwing it up now. A contract between the two of them is keeping Bethesda silent, and everybody is most likely genuinely busting their butts off trying to fix it. People should just be patient and pull their minds out of entitlement for a little while. Meh.

    • Gaming Loner

      i could write back to you a ton of text explaining what you said is wrong, but i’m not going to do that cuz you have obviously no knowledge of this ridiculouis mess. FYI, the dlc is delayed for almost 2 months now ( 6 more days to go), who do you think will be patient enough to wait almost two months for something and still be calm?! No one.

  • kai2

    If you go back to Morrowind, Todd Howard said in an interview that he loved XBOX (and Microsoft) and that everyone should own one. Add to this the still-broken OBLIVION GOTY, the broken SKYRIM release, and the XBOX exclusive dlc… and you start to get the feeling that Bethesda doesn’t want to dev for PS3. I think Bethesda refuses to dev the dlc and is leaving it all up to Sony — in essence making Sony do the work or disappoint fans.

  • Nazaradine

    I think the main problem here is not particularly to do with either DLC, it’s a tribal thing. People want to feel good about their choices, so Xbox and PS3 owners will argue who has got the better console – silly, but well documented human psychology. The reason that PS3 owners are so angry with Bethesda is because they are being made to look like idiots in front of Xbox owners.

  • Kyle Anderson

    Has anyone ever considered that because the coding for the PS3 is different then both PC’s And an Xbox360 that there would be problems with recording information originally made for PC’s and then for xbox360 and then also for PS2. I understand your rage and frustration but people Should be constructive about things. And PS3 owners you guys are entitled to nothing unless Bethesda deems it so, OK maybe a discount but nothing is truly free in the long run so grow up play other games and don’t be a troll it does not help anyone to randomly whine and cry about matters that you cannot control. Yes you should have a voice and use but if it is in a logical and constructive manor more people with listen and if they don’t then they are the trolls and should be ignored.