Devs on Halo 4 unique co-op experience

Spartan Ops mode in Halo 4 is expected to be a unique co-op experience and this looks set be one of the main new features that have fans excited. To get an insight into what will be involved the developer’s recent discussion on this mode and the use of Forerunner architecture gives us the opportunity to check out what is on offer.

Apparently, during the development of this there were some eureka moments although not everything went as well as planned, so it was a case of getting the right combination for a great co-op experience. In an article on Examiner, the developers explain how they tried to build on something that the fans love and make sure this was going to continue engaging gamers over a matter of time. 343 Industries had the idea to bring a decent co-op to Halo 4, which would also include plenty of content to allow for a memorable experience.

The Forerunner architecture is also shown on their site in a slide show form and many discussions revolve around whether it should be like Greek or Roman architecture, with some type of society, and this made it an artistic challenge. In other relevant news, Halo 4 will be playable at New York Comic Con and although this has just been confirmed through twitter, there is no news about what build will be available. On Saturday, there will also be a panel featuring 343 Industries and you can probably find out more closer to the time through this Halo Council Twitter link.

Additionally news of Microsoft getting their house in order concerning the Halo franchise is documented on Shack News. In this, they highlight MS cleaning up some Halo domains missed earlier in the year and picking up the .net and .org versions of Halo 7, 8 and 9, which could mean they are now securing another trilogy to carry on from the new Halo 4 trilogy that starts this year. It has been stated that these registrations are not a dead cert that the games are in the pipeline, as this is more to do with Microsoft acquiring various domain names for business purposes.

Last week we spoke about Halo 4 antagonists weapons and mentioned some new images showing all of the ancient antagonist’s weaponry that will be experienced in Halo 4. In reference to the original source, is the Spartan Ops mode the main part of the game you are looking forward to experiencing?