Diablo 3 1.0.5 repercussions with Monster Power

Up until late Blizzard have been quite secretive about the changing defensive skills available in patch 1.0.5 for Diablo 3, although game director Jay Wilson and senior technical game designer Wyatt Cheng have recently let fans in on some of the repercussions with Monster Power and the Inferno Machine systems.

It seems that the Monster Power aspect is one that will be more exciting for hardcore Diablo fans, as this gives players the opportunity to set a monster power level, and with higher levels bigger bonuses are expected, although Wilson informs fans that the game will be harder in comparison to the setting. Both designer and director talk to IGN about the two biggest features and state the major repercussions with Monster Power, as this feature applies to every difficulty from Normal onwards.

Their main objective was to give gamers the opportunity to raise the difficulty to make those defensive builds feel a lot more valuable, furthermore playing on easier power levels will allow users to wildly diverse builds. Keeping on the subject of Diablo 3, an interesting article on Shack News shares stories on the game with some insight from the voice actors involved. Azmodan, Tyrael, and Covetous Shen are the characters in question and James Hong who voiced Covetous Shen said he felt his character was a god at one time.

Jonathan Adams, a veteran TV character actor also talks about his role as briefly fallen angel Tyrael finding the mix of man and angel a fascinating part to play defining the two aspects with their limitations. When it comes to the villainous Azmodan, David Sobolov, a Canadian voice actor said he loved playing this character, as an intelligent baddie is one that he can gravitate to. He goes on to say, characters like this give him a confidence in the part because he always thinks that villains like this are going to come out on top.

Going back to the previous patch, last month we gave our loyal readers a full Diablo 3 1.0.4 rundown and looked into what seems to be more than just a few small tweaks and changes. Now we are concerned whether this patch has rectified a fair amount of the issues, and what other problems could be fixed?