Need for Wii U realized, pre-sold by most

Since last weeks release date announcement on Nintendo’s Wii U console the pre-order sales show us how popular this new system is going to be, and after five days we can see that most retailers have sold out. This is good news considering there has been plenty of skepticism surrounding how well the Wii U will do, giving us reason to believe the current gap between the existing and next gen consoles is the ideal situation for Nintendo’s new system to make its mark.

With a fair amount of U.S. retailers making the product available for pre-order, a noticeable number have now sold out and Gamestop has had the Deluxe version sell out both online and in store within 24 hours. Reporting this news MTV Multiplayer highlight the limited supply of the console and feel that the early sales are more relevant to either those wanting to get their hands on the new technology or those looking to resale the product at a profit. With that in mind, this is definitely good news for Nintendo and Senior Director of Corporate Communications, Charlie Scibetta has spoke about how the GamePad controller will be a prominent fixture in the living room.

He refers to those of us who buy a console and seemingly hide it away in a cabinet or under the television, yet the GamePad is not so easy to ignore even if it is not constantly being used for gaming, and he believes the black finish version looks really nice. The instant popularity of the Wii U means those who want one as soon as possible will have to act quickly and Venture Beat list the two versions available for those interested. First up is the base $300 model and this contains the system, a GamePad and some other basic thing to start you off. The deluxe $350 model on the other hand, involves a bigger hard drive, a copy of Nintendo Land along with other goodies.

The similar processing power of the PS3 and Xbox 360 will mean plenty of third-party titles will be available such as Batman: Arkham City – Armored Edition, Black Ops 2 and Assassin’s Creed 3. In addition, the Nintendo TVii is a new feature that will be free to use, this gives users the option to directly stream services to the GamePad, and this can be implemented while someone else is watching the television. With a skeptical outlook they also feel the Wii U is still just catching up to the existing current-gen consoles, although the rumors surrounding Sony utilizing 4K resolution for the PS4 is met with questions about the price of those TVs.

If Microsoft’s projection-based gaming also comes to fruition, the new Nintendo console will be back to square one, although the gap in the market is now for the Wii U to make the most of until the bigger guns return. Meanwhile launch games will be a big draw for the console and Trendy Gamers list 22, which are confirmed for the 18th of November and those wanting to check out the full list can do this through this link. Mass Effect Special Edition is one of the titles mentioned and last week we highlighted some Wii U eye candy for the game. Do the new features for the Wii U entice you to buy this console?

  • Mike Hunt

    ps4 and the xbox720 may have the advantage in graphical capabilities but i doubt we would be able to tell the difference. Honestly how far will graphic improve until people stop caring? Lets take the ps3 for example, developers weren’t able to utilize its full potential. Ps3 suffered due to this as games like L.A noir, Bayoneta and others were better on 360. I just want to see what the next gen bring.. But i do love graphics, and well im content with the graphics i’ve been seeing soo far on the Wiiu.

    It has always been a childhood dream of mine to have a screen in the controller. Nintendo i hope this pulls off!

    • Wayne Kerr

      I agree with you Mike Hunt. Graphics arent everything