Skyrim: Hearthfire two weeks on

It is easy to see why The Elder Scrolls V has had such a good reception and even though there have been a few issues the franchise continues to gather more intrigue, as the recent DLC has just added to the longevity of the initial game. Looking at Skyrim: Hearthfire two weeks on, there have been some good and bad points documented, and we are interested to see whether this is a decent add-on for fans of Skyrim.

The latest DLC shows Bethesda are trying to make the game more immersive and a review of Hearthfire on Gaming Excellence lets us in on what to expect. Their overall score of this add-on is a great 8.5 and as far as making a home is concerned this is seen to be a rewarding exercise with the option to adopt a child and complete your family, but even though new homes look brilliant once they are completed they still feel the customization is very limited.

Their impression of the home ownership system is that it hadn’t vastly improved from the older Morrowind mods, which fans had developed and even though Hearthfire may be smaller and cheaper in comparison to Dawnguard it is still regarded as a nice addition to the game. The main purpose of this DLC is to make your own personal world feel more alive and this is what is involved. There’s an enormous sense of satisfaction to be had from building a house from the ground up, adding a family rounds off the feeling of well being, and for only 400 MSP this may only be a small DLC but it is regarded as a worthy addition for Skyrim fans.

To get an insight into other people’s opinions we suggest you head over to and find out what the general gamer thinks, as some are under the impression that Hearthfire is extremely buggy, although others have stated otherwise. In addition to the mixed responses last week we wrote about whether Skyrim Hearthfire is a pointless release and wonder if those who are expecting it on the PC are really bothered if it arrives at all, especially PS3 owners, which doubt it will ever make an appearance.

To see footage of the Skyrim: Hearthfire DLC introduction and frustration along with some questions and answers on the topic check out the two embedded videos below. Do you think a large Skyrim DLC will be on the horizon?