Consensus on PS4 launch titles

Looking at what titles gamers feel would get the PlayStation 4 off to a great launch various titles have been mentioned on more than one occasion. When you take the general consensus of fans into consideration, Killzone 4 and Uncharted 4 are just two of the higher valued games that many feel would benefit the PS4.

In addition, brand new IPs are always going to be high on the agenda as far as launch titles are concerned, as a fresh approach is always a good way to start off a new console. Grand Turismo 6, inFamous 3, Little Big Planet 3, and a Legend of Dragoon sequel or prequel have also featured highly among many others. In an article on the Eastern Morning Herald, they report on Bethesda being in no rush when it comes to games on the PS4 and Xbox 720, although PlayStation 3 owners of Skyrim may feel that urgency is not a priority where Bethesda is involved.

While gaming enthusiasts may be anxious to see what next gen gaming has to offer, it seems that some developers are quite happy to continue focusing on current generation consoles and Bethesda’s PR officer and Marketing VP, Pete Hines echoes this sentiment. Without saying that they are not contemplating to release new titles on the PS4 and Xbox 720, he also gave off the impression that this is not a main concern for Bethesda now. He mentioned a certain amount of risk with working on next-gen titles prematurely, and this is apparently down to the “dynamic nature of console gaming in general”.

Going back to the original source, an interesting article on PlayStation Lifestyle reports on reasons why the PS4 needs to release before the Xbox 720, and the main one is basically down to getting of the blocks first, as they feel this would see Sony take the helm as lead platform. Apparently only one console is expected to come out next year and some are suggesting that Sony will make the first move, although the success of third party support gives us the impression that neither console would want to see the other gain a similar lead like that witnessed with the current systems.

When it comes down to speculation surrounding Sony’s next gen console our last post on the latest PS4 rumor believability spoke about the notion that it will support ultra HD ’4K Resolution, which would not only benefit games but also movies, although a new television to complement this may be on the cards. Going back to the kind of games that would make good launch titles, what others do you feel would assist the arrival of the PS4?

  • bennett87

    a full re-make of final fantasy 7 should seriously be considered. it worked wonders for the first playstation, and after 15 years since the release there is a whole new generation to appeal to aswell as the old school gamers.