New PS3 model like iPhone 5 improvements

The new PlayStation 3 super slim model debuted yesterday at the Tokyo Game Show and the improvements are said to be reminiscent of that seen with the new iPhone 5, as it is smaller and packs more gigabytes, although this new PS3 is the same price. As we wait patiently for the next generation console Sony aren’t wasting any time to bring in more revenue, and those who feel thier current system is on its way out may look to this as an ideal replacement.

We thought that a discounted price would entice more customers but it seems that we may have to wait a bit longer for some kind of reduction. Highlighting the improvements IGN mention the official news of the new PlayStation 3 model and state that this slimmer, sleeker looking version comes in charcoal black, with Japan open to a super-special “classic white” option. According to Sony, the new PS3 is less than half the internal volume and weight of the original system, and this applies to a 20-25% reduction in comparison to the current PS3 Slim.

Different versions of the systems will be available for various regions and the same goes for the price scheme as North America will see a 250GB version for $269 including an Uncharted 3/Dust 514 Bundle on September 25th, along with a 500GB for $299 on October 30th. European territories will get a Flash Memory 12GB for 229 Euros on Oct 12th and Japan will see the 250GB for 24,900 Yen and 500GB for 29,800 Yen, both on the 4th of October. Other regions like Australia are expected on September 27th for $299.95 and New Zealand on the 12th of next month for $399.95.

Sony’s comments about how they intended to use this challenge to create a new revised console better than the previous one is similar to what Apple said about the iPhone 5, and with this in mind we cannot see the release of the PS4 until at least 2014 now. In addition, the price tag seems to be a big issue among gamers, especially the ones with little memory, and many expected Sony to charge as little as possible. Some are contemplating more cheaper bundles in the run up to Christmas, and others are hoping that this is the initial price forecasting a drop over the year.

This late in the generation, we all expected Sony to make it cheaper to buy, as this would also attract more new customers. In relation to this, our previous article spoke about the repercussions of aggressive PS3 Super Slim pricing, which could have an impact on both the opposition and the games industry. We stated that a price tag of $150 or £99 would be too dramatic and give Sony less room for compromise, although this would provide stiff competition. Do you feel that the price will drop after not long after it has been established? Alternatively, would you rather contemplate trying out the new Wii U console?