PS Vita savior Soul Sacrifice delayed

Those of you expecting Soul Sacrifice on the PS Vita sometime in the near future will disappointed by the recent news that is has been delayed until Spring 2013 in Japan, meaning it will be a while before there is any sign of it in other territories. This will dishearten many fans hoping that this game would be an ideal addition assisting the PlayStation Vita sales in the process.

A recent announcement by Soul Sacrifice’s designer, Keiji Inafune, has stated a new release window for this title being spring and the original time given was winter. Highlighting this news, Capsule Computers inform their readers that a demo for the game is still coming this winter, but they have no information as to why it has been delayed. They do on the other hand take solace from the notion that this could be a simultaneous worldwide release. Gamers that have seen the new trailer for Soul Sacrifice regard this as one of the more impressive looking titles to brace the Vita, and some expect this to be similar in popularity to Monster Hunter.

Questions have also been asked about why there aren’t more games like this for the PlayStation Vita, as titles like this could entice more people to go out and buy one. At the end of last month an article on PlayStation Universe spoke about PS Vita’s Soul Sacrifice and gaming legend Keiji Inafune regards it a is a “hardcore RPG with moral ambiguity.” Answering a few questions about this eagerly awaited title, Inafune spoke about how the creators of the best games nowadays have worked out there is a requirement for something more realistic and sensational, as attention is now being paid to the emotional aspect.

Adding a background story to the monsters players will encounter installs a moral obscurity to their actions giving those involved a feeling of guilt and emotion. Extreme choices are there for those who enter a battle with a monster that has to fight and make money for an unwell dependant. He also acknowledges that fun is the most important element and online co-op is a big part of what will assist this game.

Apparently, there has been news that the team behind Soul Sacrifice are also working on a new zombie game, and this is reported on The Verge, although we can understand those who find reports of yet another title revolving around the undead a bit tedious now. In addition, Inafune has stated that this game is expected to contain everything including zombies, ninjas and vehicles as an ambitious concept. Do you feel that Soul Sacrifice is a much-needed game for the PS Vita?

  • WEL

    one game can’t save a system, specially when it isn’t a shooter.