Third Skyrim DLC ideas, PS3 support just crazy

When it comes to ideas about a third Skyrim DLC many fans of the game and those who have had the chance to experience both Dawnguard and Hearthfire will welcome this news, although those PS3 owners out there will be less inclined to read on. By looking at some comments on various forums, we get the impression that a third DLC will be the largest yet, and different notions are discussed about what should be involved.

With both DLCs still yet to embrace the PlayStation 3, news of a third one seems absurd and maybe a fourth should be made just to compensate PS3 owners, which they could call Disheartened. On Skyrim Forums, some hope this new add-on will be more about options to join more factions, with maybe the ability to play as Falmer with the chance to eat the Daedra Heart and heal your afflictions. Other ideas range from a DLC where you take out the Thalmor using the Stormcloak or the Imperial army turning it into an epic battle that continues for months.

On The Shadowed Mare, thoughts refer to the Dwemer and the opportunity to open up other realms of Oblivion, along with ideas relating to a bigger Imperial City. Questions have been asked about whether a Cyrodiil expansion would make the whole province considering how long it took to make the actual game, which is as big as Cyrodiil giving cause to disregard a DLC that large. There has been a suggestion that the new content will support the PS3, which sounds crazy considering PS3 fans might never get the first DLC.

In other related news Now Gamer reports on ideas for possible Unreal reboot and Epic Games’ design director, Cliff Bleszinski would like to see it in a similar style to Skyrim. If the IP ever gets rebooted he feels that his love for Bethesda and Skyrim has given him reason to contemplate how a reboot of Unreal would fair as what he calls more “SciFi-Rim” with exploration being a focal part along with shooting.

A couple of days ago we wrote about a lack of PS3 Dawnguard information and transparency regarding the support, and many PlayStation 3 owners are stressing their dissatisfaction with the whole scenario. The lack of information has amounted to a rise in negativity towards Bethesda, and a bit of common courtesy from them would go a long way. With that in mind, our previous post spoke about Hearthfire concerns following Bethesda’s claim that PS3 owners may not even see Dawnguard, giving us the impression that neither DLC will end up on the Sony console. Other than the expectation of some form of compensation, are you a PlayStation 3 owner that has given up hope of any Skyrim DLC?

  • RC

    Its hopeless and disheartening what bethesda is doing to us PS3 users. No news, no nothing… They apparently have been “working” to make dawnguard work, but i doubt it. Lazy company who doesnt care about us ps3 users. It doesnt make sense really.

    • jack

      how are they lazy? they encountered a problem that they couldnt for see and now they are working with sony to try and fix it.

      • RC

        Its been about 3 MONTHS since the dlc came out for xbox. They saw it, and they knew it, when they made the game for xbox, they just coded it to ps3, which ensured the dlc wouldnt come out. Lazy.

  • not_an_xbox_fanboy

    is this Bethesda or Valve wtf

  • casper13rocks

    this is nothing more then discrimonation towards ps3 owners if the extra cotent is such a problem how dose skyrim work on ps3 to start with

    • mrserious

      Than, discrimination, content, does. It’s no wonder bethesda hates you ps3 fag.

      • chiggley

        That should be PS3 surely

        • Marcus

          Only true jerks go through a forum and leave mean comments to bring another person down. Leave it to Xbox users to be those guys

          • jack

            lol and you guys arent doing the same thing to bethesda?

          • Brian Black

            Do not challenge his cognitive dissonance. He wants to be viewed as right, and any attempt to reason will only be met with a rationalization, not rational thought.

          • John Creesey

            Bethesda has been treating PS3 owners like crap (this is not opinion, this is fact). Research the issues that Skyrim has had for the system and you will see. How would you feel if the same issues had arisen with your system and the company in question did nothing in the way of support? You would be upset. As I agree that namecalling is uncalled for, PS3 users have been repeatedly lied to by Bethesda, hence the angry backlashing. A lot of console hate has been generated by Xbox/PC users toward PS3 users: ie; “…just get an Xbox, lol!”, “PS3 sucks!”, etc. This is childish, immature behavior; and exists on nearly every forum addressing the subject (except for Bethesda’s forum, I will definitely give props to their moderators who act very professional). Just about every game media outlet has noted Bethesda’s lack of support for the PS3 community, check out Colin Moriarty’s statement from IGN, he tells it exactly as it has been.

          • Z IE T A

            It’s not that Bethesda is treating you guys like crap. It’s just that porting the code didnt go as they “thought”. they are doing everything except treating you like crap. If they wanted to treat you like crap they could have just cancelled the whole Dawnguard for PS3 owners on their first attempt. But what am I saying… I’m just an Xbox user and have beaten Dawnguard… and i must say, it was quite enjoyable! 😉

    • Brian Black

      Fundamental Attribution Error. Think of the situation, there is a reason it is not here, and it isn’t because of any imagined function of bethesda’s “personality”. There are benefits to the ps3, but software still works better with the hardware of microsoft systems. Just so your construal is not wrong, I am not saying the hardware in xbox is superior, just its functioning and communication with externally developed software. The results? More exclusives for PS3, however, you also have this problem. Being a consumer is a tradeoff, and an expectation for such a label to obtain all you want with no consequences is nothing short of tyranny.

    • omninigkill

      It is not discrimination towards ps3 owners.That is absurd.I own both a ps3 and 360(fortunately for me I have skyrim for the 360 but if i had it for the ps3 i would buy it for the 360 so I can play dawnguard since i love the game so much).Any way, the point is if you judge a person by what console they play on than you are a sad misguided human being.

  • Austin Williams

    Remember that they ported the game. Thats why their having all this trouble. Unless They redevelop the game for ps3, dlc for the game just is not going to work. You can forget about dlc for skyrim ps3 if they dont redevelop it. Also remember the Pete Hines uses the ps3 so hes not playing it either.

  • Gamer_Mom

    The Elder Scrolls games are just about the only games I play. I have a PS3 because my family enjoys the Sly Cooper and Ratchet & Clank franchises. I refuse to buy an X–Box! Guess I won’t get to play as a vampire lord or hunt one either, but that also means that Bethesda won’t get my money. I just wish that they would make the effort to release a complete game for PS3 instead of porting it. Here’s a novel concept. How about next time they code the game on the more difficult system and port to the easier one?

    • Marcus

      The last part of this statement is the truth. Port from difficult to easy not the other way around.

      • Brian Black

        Because now you have fucked microsoft into never having permanent exclusives. Think in turn of other owners as well. What is best for yourself is not what is best for others or the market.

        • Brian

          When you release a game on multiple platforms, 1 should not get preferential treatment over others, Microsoft and Sony both have their own exclusive games, Skyrim is not one or the others, its made for all systems PC included, for them not to offer the same product to all users is unwise, they knew there would be problems with DLC because there was already problems with the game itself, they should have designed it for the harder system and ported to the easier ones, it makes sense to not alienate an entire group of gamers

          • Christopher Bordelon

            Here’s an idea…. Maybe they should have created two seperate engines to avoid this whole problem in the first place instead of taking the lazier and more cost efficient way out on this one

          • Z IE T A

            but that’s just it. Xbox players should get better treatment, the majority of us pay for our online and other features. we get better deals and first access to many products because we pay somewhat of a “VIP” cost. we get COD DLC first also. if PS3 got everything at the same time as us(360) owners and same deals and prices on everything and better servers then why would we(360 owners), buy an Xbox and Xbox Live in the first place?

          • Wade Hertsel

            exactly, why would you buy an XBOX in the first place??

          • dogpaintlifeshitter

            Do you understand how game design works at all? It’s not like Bethesda decided that PS3 users suck and don’t deserve content. The PS3 is built in quite a hermetic, confusing fashion compared to PC and Xbox, while PC and Xbox have more in common than Xbox and PS3, yes? Or no, do they just hate you?

          • OldBigRed

            Dog has a point, look at how long it actually took them in the past to port over Oblivion due to the PS3 being so different than PC and Xbox. It is due to how different the two consoles are and that they are trying their best to fix the coding.

    • jack

      because it wont help. the whole reason Bethesda is having problems is because the consoles are to different. if they started with ps3 then the PC and the xbox would be screwed.

    • Todd Dewey

      with that said its not that they ported it to a more difficult console its that the PS3 doesnt dedicate more than 235mb to any one thing at one time thats why you have to shut doors behind you also put a thought about the mass effect 3 issue bioware had with sony with the N7 challenges it took then 2 and a half months for sony to allow. so for all we know sony is hindering the dlc from coming out. i for one own the 3 major consoles and im fine with waiting.


    To hell with bugthesda and the game then i ain’t getting no shitbox when like the ps3 better.I waited as long as everybody else and i’m tired of it i’m not buyin anymore of their games.For one i know dishonored isn’t developed by bethesda i heard but bethesda will have it’s company name on and in the game so like i said i’m steering clear of any game from now on with bethesda’s name on it just my opinion anyway. If anybody decides to buy and play dishonored on launch day for ps3 I wish you luck my ps3 gamer’s.To me that company is just not worth buying games from anymore unless you like broken messes like skyrim was on launch.Also Like to add that if beth is going to make more multi-platform games i suggest you make all content for each system and get all lazy on it next time.I’m sure they lost a lot of fan base by now from ps3 players but all i have to say if they ain’t ready to develop games right for the ps3 then they will not be ready for the future of the ps4 and shitbox 720 i’ll leave it at that for now……PS3 RULEZ ALL

    • jack

      actually even if their games dont work well with ps3 its not going to be the same with ps4. since their system specs are going to be more like a pc so it will be easier to port

    • Pete

      You should stop buying video games in general if you complain like that.

  • Joe

    Bethesda should have known that it is harder to program
    games for porting over to the PS3, instead of porting it why not make it for
    the PS3 first? We know you took money from Microsoft for the all 30 day
    exclusive, so why not tell gamers that the 360 will get theirs first and PS3
    owners will get theirs in a few months because we are making the game for the
    PS3 and not being lazy porters? I would rather wait for a game that was made
    correctly then be feed media crap, Twitter BS on how you are working on it and
    working with Sony. Yet you keep coming out with DLC for the 360, why is this? You
    made the game for the 360 and not the PS3 so now we are all waiting and angry
    that we have to do this to maybe one day get the DLC that you half promised?
    Stop cutting corners to make 2 cent, make it for both systems, you had to of
    known that this may not port over to the PS3 correctly, that is if you programmers
    really know what they are doing, they probably told you this but you PR or VP
    said well do what you can and we will just take Microsoft’s money, PS3 owners
    money and run with it. I say great job Bethesda glade to see you can make your
    customers mad and go with it, I would fire you all and take that lose instead
    of having my company name plastered over the internet for something as stupid
    as not making it for both consoles.

    • DON-EAZY-E

      Right there with you man can’t believe they did this crap again it would be a shame if we don’t get to see it on the ps3 i just prefer this looks better on ps3 hello? blue ray disk not dvd like xbox you know what i’m saying hehe

  • ylraemit

    i only play PS3 because i owned about 4 360’s and they suck C**k. was really excited to play as vampire lord but we will see. ive got more important things to do than be too upset.

  • Crumsley

    Maybe they should focus on all the problems they currently have rather than trying to make more content. Obviously they can’t get their sht together. They seem to be the only company that has this kind of problem.

  • Kim

    Here we go again.

    What do we want in the next DLC?

    First of all, I want a real expansion, not
    DLC. I want an expansion that ties most of the loose ends of Skyrim, such as
    how come the Dragonborn isn’t emperor at the end of the game. What happens with
    Skyrim and the Thalmor? Why are the dragons still terrorizing the land after
    Alduin’s death? These things are never addressed
    at the end of the main quests.

    I would like a full expansion, a new
    continent and an all-out war with the Thalmor, at the end of which the
    Dragonborn becomes Emperor. I also want a raise of the level cap, and added
    perks for each tree to compensate for the extra xp from this new adventure.

    The Dwemer issue has already been addressed
    in Morrowind, no need to go back, unless it’s MORE ruins and technologies.

    What I don’t want is another one of those
    ideas from Bethesda’s “Jam”, or at least not just something from that “Jam”.

  • Joe

    Lazy would be not making it for both consoles and hoping for the best porting it over and then say we see a issuie that we are working on with sony they new there would be bugs but hoped a patch or 5 would do it.

  • metalmario

    When dlc for fallout 3 was coming out on xbox first i traded up and never looked back. Living in the past with playstation wasnt fullfiling my entertainment needs so i got with the times and that has made all the difference. Real diehard gamers play xbox and therefore get their content first. If you like watching blu-ray movies get a playstation, if you love playing video games, get an xbox 360! The concept isnt that difficult.

  • Wbfe

    Ur a bunch of keyboard carrots one ur gettin hearth fire two discrimination learn the words meaning because ur an idiot and three I’m sure once it’s sorted. Ud shut ur mouth when they know they will tell u n don’t forget it’s probz not on Bethesda side but sony everyone else has it but ps3 pc n xbox so the problem is ps3 simple while ur at it u all can’t be true tes fans cause u just shout when I don’t get what u want skyrim is still a top game.

    • John Creesey

      You might want to take an english course, and concentrate on grammar. Apologies, if english is your second language.

  • Wbfe

    N il smash it here for people saying why not ps first morrowind morons it was pc n Xbox n gains alot of fans from it ps3 is just for cheap nasty people who winge n moan its been like this forever on ur console all te hacking fraud viruses everythin once they add a membership for ps ul probz all moan at that as well

  • jroth

    This is messed up. PS3 users are wide and far and the chance of not even getting any of the past DLC just seems wrong. It is irritating that I pre-ordered and played all previous titles and now don’t even get the DLC. The game itself works just fine so how come is it so hard for us to get the DLC??

  • plko

    I would like to see a dlc that explains what happend to the dwemer and go into the oblivion realm (infinte deadra hearts anyone ?)

  • plko

    oh yeah im a ps3 fan

  • Ps3ornothing

    Yes I am, and I sold the game back, I will never get a norther game that is made by this comp.

  • Shayne Peters

    PS3 users: Pirate Skyrim and Dawnguard. Pirate everything from Bethesda. Don’t give them a cent of your cash. They don’t deserve it.

  • Tyrone Foster

    see if a elder scrolls comes out again i dont think ps3 owners will bother to buuy it because of the problem with skyrim because i for one will not be getting the elder scrolls 6 if it comes out i mean y is there always problems with ps3 i think its well better than xbox

  • sampson70

    The main issue is the old ass Gamebryo Engine! Bethesda should start with a “real”new engine…period.

  • Brutus D

    Bethesda, yours actions throughout this long ordeal have done nothing more than reinforce the negative accusations made against you! The smartest thing you have done is call in sony to help. I’m sure you wanted to keep that too on your black ops list and not fill us in. So thanks for snapping out of your OCD secretive disorder for a minute to inform us PS3 users. But all hate aside, (an left only with disappointment) more is expected of you. For a company known for continuously snatching the title GAME OF THE YEAR with your products, you are simply pissing your company’s reputation away!

  • trololol

    Maybe if your arguments were valid like saying that they have been working on 2 games then i’ll understand and yet you complain about Microsoft giving back-handers just grow up and move on


    How could it be discrimination against ps3 users?? They still have to pay for it. The whole reason they make these games is to make money. If they were ‘discriminating’ they would be severely limiting the amount of money they could make on DLC. So shut up with the discrimination and babying.

  • Tyrone Foster

    this is starting to get out of hand with the dlc i think all us ps3 owners want is an explanation on why we havnt got our dlc yet and are even trying to fix the problem or are they doing nothing about it i want an answer how about you?

  • Joe Gunter

    Ok, PS3 users, get over it. You might not have the DLC yet but you will get eventually. you guys are just butt hurt because Xbox and PC have and you dont, I guess thats what happens when you have a better console, the problem is that Skyrim is a MASSIVE game and it takes ALOT to run. PS3 pushes that game to its limits, and DLC would most likely make it crash. I, an Xbox user feel for you, but sitting your butts down in front of a computer screen and raging isnt going to fix it. Let bethesda do their thing. watch, with game of the year edition the DLC might just come on the disc, dont worry, you will get it

    • Joe Gunter

      Oh, and I ment PS3 is better than xbox

  • Laura ‘Freyha’ John

    I think a Snow-elf storyline would be really interesting, or even more to do with the Mages Guild and the Great Collapse would also be really cool to play. They’ve left themselves a lot of windows for expanding on existing legends within the game.
    On the topic of whether it will get to PS3, I cannot allow myself to think it will never get here. I need to remain hopeful.

  • Jeff

    I have already traded in my PS3 copy for an XBox copy. I’m not a fan boy. I love video games. I don’t care which console it is on. It’s why I own both. Everyone should stop their bitching and buy both consoles. DUH!

  • Chris Somers

    Yeah this pissed me off big time skyrim is one of my favorite games and have spend hours playing it. Have nothing left to do in it so was so excited when i heard of the dlc then…well you no the story…but not knowing much about ports and what not…why cant they make a hard copy for ps3 As in make a disc that we can just buy in store

  • Jordan Frantz

    As disappointed as I am for the current lack of dlc, I won’t say anything bad as long as when they finally release a worthwhile dlc they have the bugs worked out for ps3. I can live without dawnguard and hearth-whatever. I want a new region to explore, a new race, a new material for crafting, something big. I wanna see morrowind again. Valenwood? Elsweyr(sp?)? *gasp* Atmora?!? One of the other continents with tiger-dragons or snake ppl. THE WHOLE WORLD?? Make that one with your own boat for storage and transport. What happened to mournhold and solsthiem BTW??

  • Doc

    To be frank, PS3 users waiting on DLC for months longer than they were promised is rather ridiculous. It’s also ridiculous to even consider the idea of cancelling the DLC, because it shows a lack of character. I really don’t think it matters what console you play, that would piss people off. Rightly so, as it’s unfair to those being led on. If Microsoft wants their 1-month exclusivity contract, then who cares, so long as we get it when they said we would?

    I’m going to be clear by saying that I’m a PS3 owner. I do not have any intention of buying a 360, and I’ll tell you why:

    I’m poor. It builds character. Fixing my problem by simply dropping hundreds of dollars on a new station, controllers, and a game I already have is not only nigh on to impossible for myself and many others; but it’s also one of the dumbest ideas I’ve ever heard (no offense, because everybody needs to lighten up in this situation, not just the ignorant well-off people) simply because of how naive it is.

    Another thing: LOTS of people are really blaming Pete Hines for all the problems with dawnguard, huh? Has anybody taken the time to do their homework and discover that Hines has nothing at all to do with the programming? The poor guy is constantly dealing with repetitive grilling when his role is just to convey what’s happening with the team that is actually working on the problem. Yes, it seems a lot like he’s doing nothing much more than dodging questions with seemingly annoyed and rather blurry answers; but at least the constant “We’re working on it” can be thought of with some stretch of hope?

    This is not some kind of malicious rise of “console-ism” by Bethesda (at least I certainly hope not). I mean look at the game when it started! Texture errors, skeleton dragons not only animated, but invincible and flying backwards (I myself have done extensive work in programming and coding, and I still can’t figure that one out), not to mention the famous game breaking lag that caused the statistics of broken Bethesda game CDs to skyrocket (and not in a good way). Who’s to say that the performance errors on Dawnguard are any different? I’m looking forward to the crossbow as much as the next guy; but like I said before, people gotta lighten up. In the meantime, go find something else to play while you wait. I recommend “DC Universe Online”.

    I’m seeing a lot of people claiming that Bethesda OWES them compensation for the whole Dawnguard/Hearthfire/Possible new DLC fiasco. As a fellow PS3 owner, I say to you ladies and gentlemen, you’ve gotta suck it up. Honestly, Bethesda owes you no compensation for buying their game besides all the updates, bug fixes, empty promises etc.. Sure, they told us we’d get Dawnguard, so it would be pretty nice to see that happen. We didn’t pay for Dawnguard up front, so if we haven’t actually lost anything on it, then why are we so worked up about it? To be fair, if they just give up on Dawnguard then I’ll be pretty pissed; but, what’s so hard about taking these people on face value and letting them do their job?

    One final thing: To those people exclusively on the 360 that not only claim we should just buy an x-box (because now apparently everybody has the cash to throw in for that), but also have spent the majority of their posts throwing out some BS as to how rainbows are practically shooting out of the x-box 360’s ass and how PS3 owners are so inferior…go compensate with childish bravado somewhere else. All you succeed in doing is making yourself look foolish.

    • Doc

      As it turns out, apparently Bethesda has promised DLC to buyers of Skyrim. Uh oh…
      I’m still researching that, however.

  • dragoneater

    Gamer mom worded it well.. But do you guys remember how microsoft threw all that free Xboxlive money at bethesda to make dlc exclusive to xbox early?.. bethesdas higher ups forced them to make xbox360 the main priority.. because of revenue.. Even on a video of todd howard showcasing skyrim gameplay he made it quite clear he enjoys playing skyrim on the xbox 360.. wink wink” I doubt todd even owns one! he games on a liquid cooled behemoth im sure.. its advertising and cutesy bootsy buIIshlt” They knew skyrim would be a hot game and wanted to pin it down and capitalize on it.. Blame microsoft or bethesda or both it doesent matter and wont fix this for ps3 users.. but i still will stay loyal to Bethesda as long as they keep releasing amazing games like skyrim.. Im buying a stronger gaming PC anyway i suggest everyone else do the same.. and if you are a fan of the XBOX and actually pay monthly fees to use multiplayer.. i would really like for you to just sit down and think of why your paying monthly to use something you already own.. PC is free to use and Ps3 is also.. Dont get mad at me for pointing it out.. just sit down and think of the money and just ask why.. If you can honestly sit their and not feel like a fool for playing on xboxlive.. Then their is nothing i can do for you.