WWE 13 homage to the greatness

The upcoming WWE 13 title will pay homage to the greatest names ever to brace the world of wrestling and with the largest roster ever, everyone who is anyone will be involved. Fans are in for a real treat this time around with the likes of Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Undertaker, Chris Jericho, CM Punk and Sheamus to name a few, not to mention the legend that is, The Rock.

A recent WWE 13 trailer shows off The Rock himself and this year’s iteration looks set to build on the last edition with a large roster and added nostalgia for the Attitude Era. In a brief article on CVG, they show the footage of the latest trailer where you can see the man himself in action with a collection of great scenes from his back catalog and gameplay footage of his legendary battles with the likes of Mankind, Steve Austin, Triple H and Ken Shamrock all in the Attitude Era mode. They also mention other stars that will be involved in the game including Iron Mike Tyson, Mark Henry, Big Show and many more.

Paying homage to The Rock’s rise to fame Gaming Blend also highlight the new trailer and talk about his ever changing names on his journey starting out as Dwayne Johnson, firstly known as Rocky Maivia, which soon become The Rock evolving into The Brahma Bull then The People’s Champion and then The Great One. This trailer also gives us insight into the exciting new Attitude Era mode, which will include many legends including those mentioned previously.

It seems that THQ are giving fans what they want with the Attitude Era and Examiner report on the various recently revealed WWE arenas involved in this aspect of the game, and they have also compiled a list of those confirmed. Additionally news that the “I Quit Match” feature will also be implemented comes from one of the screenshots, as fans can see the referee standing above two superstars, with a microphone in hand, so enthusiasts will regard this as a confirmation.

Would you like to see WWE ’13 make its way to Nintendo’s Wii U console? Have you shopped around for a great incentive to reserve your copy?