Accuracy of Assassin’s Creed 3 history visualized

From the moment that Ubisoft announced Assassin’s Creed 3 many questions was being asked in regards to how accurate the history of the game would be, as the game revolves around a period in time that helped define America. In the latest developer diary not only do we get to see yet more gameplay but also the historical accuracy thanks to the fourth and final video in the series. You can see the previous 3 videos here.

Having already explained to you that the developers were able to look at detailed history reports from that time period we still had our reservations as to how accurate the game would be, but having now listened to what the devs had to say – well there’s even more anticipation for the game now.

If you’re still not convinced then check out the video below, as they go into detail about how the British tried to control the shipping that came into the colonies, and in that time there was a few huge historical events that shaped the history of what is now the US. This has now been used as part of the gameplay and even though we learned about these events at school it’s finally nice to get a better understanding of what went on.

The team behind AC3 had their own historian doing all the dirty work for them, Ubisoft got their historian to get actual maps from the time period, and from what we get to see in the video and finally in the game – well it’s like you’ve gone back in time. I know that we’ve discussed the historical factors of Assassin’s Creed 3 before but it’s this video that finally allows us to see the huge challenges that the team behind the game had to face.

AC3 is much bigger than previous games from the series because not only do you get to spend time exploring crowded areas like Boston, but you also get to explore the Frontier and experience the dangers that come with it. What we find so great about this part of the game is how the snow will impact your gameplay.

However, the most critical part of this history is the navel warfare, because those who controlled the seas controlled the outcome of the conflict, and yet again Ubisoft has implemented the historical factors into this part of the game. It won’t be long for you to see if the game lives up to all the hype, we believe that it will but do you?


  • Will

    accuracy in any historical context should be taken with a dose of salt, but especially so in a commercial context; should read ‘got some historians whose views matched their own i.e. the story they wished to tell’

    • Jack

      I agree. There are two different sides to the history as well – possibly more – is something that people need to remember. It might only be historically accurate in one nation’s eyes.