Borderlands 2: Finding rare weapons and more

To get the most of your Borderlands 2 experience we have had a look at some insightful information regarding rare weapons, getting rich quick and rapidly leveling up along with some other useful tips for both newcomers and fans of the franchise. It seems as if the world of Pandora is jam packed with plenty of loot, weapon and character customization for gamers to revel in, so we thought it would be wise to look at what is available as far as rare weapons are concerned.

First up, finding the right character class that best suits your play is advantageous and highlighting some essential tips to assist your domination on Pandora CVG give their readers an extensive guide to help you on your adventure. When it comes to finding rare weapons players are required to look out for the color of its name and the marker that appears over it, with this in mind various colors dictate how rare the weapon is. Orange is the most valuable continuing down the scale from Purple, Blue, Green, and White being the least rare.

The color scheme is worth considering when you are involved in a co-op game, as a rare weapon will be the one everyone guns for, and better weapons are found away from the main situations, so it is worth checking all areas of interest. You are informed to save your weapons for later once you get to a safe, as trophies and achievements are awarded for having purple or better weapons. In an article on Kotaku, they report on their experience of Borderlands 2 on the PC, which they feel gives a taste of next gen gaming. Although the Xbox 360 title is good, they regard the PC version as a shining example of porting done right, and this comes with a vast amount of setting to embrace.

Everything from an adjustable HUD size and tweakable FOV adds to the experience and Borderlands 2 plays out flawlessly with nice menus and seamless controller integration, which allows users to switch the first-person parts with a keyboard and mouse, with the option of driving with a controller. Acknowledging that Borderlands 2 is still a current-gen title they love the way it looks, and feel that the next generation will have the memory and processing capability to make the most out of games like this.

Last week we looked at some Borderlands 2 reviews and this title has been welcomed gaining high scores for everything from improved narrative and gameplay to the actual size, along with the loot and weapons involved making this an addictive fun experience. What review score would you give Borderlands 2 overall?