Celebrating Yakuza 5 release, trailers confuse

The Japanese release date for Yakuza 5 has recently been announced by Sega at the TGS and the 6th of December is the day to mark on your calendar, although there is no news of a date of arrival in the Western territories. The Tokyo Game Show seemed like the best place to show off two new trailers but the fact that they are all in Japanese makes it hard for us to work out what is actually going on.

By watching the trailers mentioned, confusion would set in for those not acquainted with the language although the environments look rather impressive. Highlighting what is seen in the trailers CVG come to the conclusion that it is about Bear fighting, baseball and dance battles in a nutshell, although it also seems like plenty of violence is also on offer. To get a closer look at some of the action images involved in the game Neoseeker take a look at ten great screenshots showing some violent fight pictures along with the reactions of pedestrians witnessing the assaults.

In addition, some special moves are also identifiable as “heat actions” and “revelations” and the battle system involved is documented on PlayStation Universe. Receiving their information via the popular Famitsu magazine, it seems that Sega has improved numerous parts of the combat, which also involves motion and aspects of enemy A.I. The battles in Yakuza 5 are said to combine seamlessly into the adventure, whether you are drawn into a fight or taking on more powerful encounters.

There will be situations where you are aimlessly wandering around an area when a gang will come up and start on you, thus giving your player cause to defend themselves. A feature known as Climax Heat is expected to be an improvement on the previous Heat Action technique, but the extent of this has not been explained in any great detail. Teen sensation Haruka will have her own individual battle system that revolves around a rhythm action game with five genres including hip-hop, idol, jazz, house and rock, and spectators will judge the battles with rival dancers.

To see the two Yakuza 5 trailers check out the embedded videos below, we would love to get an insight into what is exactly going on, so if you have an idea or a knowledge of the language please let us know.


  • Matthew

    So pumped. Hope it gets released here!!