Devs detail Halo 4 Covenant weapons

The weaponry involved in Halo 4 is another intriguing aspect of the game and although the UNSC and Forerunner arsenal has been documented it’s now time to check out the Covenant weapons. Newly released details from 343 Industries give us an insight into what’s to be expected, and it seems like some of the old favorites are returning.

Apparently, there is only one completely new gun with a total of nine Covenant weapons in all, although some of these weapons have been improved from the last game, and Examiner run through the developer’s information along with a video on the weaponry. The Needler will see an improvement to the damage and firing speed boost, although the others have had tweaks regarding the firing affects and sound, and new textures have been added to make the guns look more like they are made from metal as opposed to plastic.

No real improvements have been made to established weapons like the Gravity Hammer even though project speed for all the weapons have been enhanced in multiplayer making them more competitive against the likes of the UNSC and Forerunner weapons. The new addition is the Storm Rifle, which takes the place of the faithful Plasma Rifle, and this new gun has a high rate of fire making it ideal for close up encounters.

As we continue with the topic of firepower, last week we looked at some new images of the Halo 4 antagonist’s weapons, which highlighted everything from Incineration Cannons and Pulse Grenades to Binary Rifles and Bolt Shots. We also wrote another post on some more insight from the developers regarding a unique co-op experience with the Spartan Ops mode in Halo 4. What are your thoughts on the Storm Rifle replacing the Plasma Rifle, which has been around since the beginning?