Eurogamer Black Ops 2 coverage

An extensive look at the online modes involved in Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 will be seen at the Eurogamer Expo next week and fans of the multiplayer part of the game will be able to learn more about what is to be expected. Eurogamer has also confirmed that Treyarch will be hosting a developer session of the game at 3pm on Friday the 28th of September.

The session mentioned will be entitled “Challenging Assumptions” and game design director David Vonderhaar will be at the forefront of this. In an article on Examiner, they highlight Black Ops 2 being available to play on the show floor, so those wanting to experience what the replacement of Kill Steaks is like with the new Score Streaks will also have the opportunity to check out the new eSports along with the multiplayer. When it comes to the multiplayer aspect the news about players being able to change their class and killstreak setups in-between matches has been officially confirmed via Twitter.

Lazygamer report on a Black Ops 2 teaser trailer showing zombies on a bus, and when I read this it was easy to imagine a group of zombies sitting on the bus or swaying holding on the bars, much like an everyday scene in my local town. But from what you see in the trailer the vehicle looks more like it is under attack, although they do pick out what looks to be a zombie driving the bus, giving us the impression it’s either the former bus driver turned zombie, or the undead in Black Ops 2 are not as brain dead as we first thought.

In other relative news, our most recent Black Ops 2 post spoke about key zombies game features and by looking on the Amazon page this relates to a zombie campaign, which will apparently be an option in the multiplayer, although we expect to hear more on this over the coming weeks. What do you think about the option to change class and killstreak setups in-between matches?