FIFA 13 stability concerns, permanent bans issued

Every year both EA and Konami bring out new versions of their football/soccer titles, so this year we have FIFA 13 and PES 2013 inbound. Both titles have already seen their demo versions being released (both of which have proved very positive), but a recent exploit with the FIFA 13 Ultimate Team web app has angered many fans because the service had to be taken offline by EA until they were able to get to the bottom of the problem.

While it was good that EA took the service offline until they were able to resolve the issues, we had to feel sorry for those innocent users affected by the loss of this service. Thankfully the FUT Web app is now back online and EA has now issued a warning saying that they will issue permanent bans to users exploiting the service.

As you can image innocent users were not happy in regards to the exploit, which saw users being able to access card packs from certain players that should have been restricted, which they then went on to sell for a profit. EA were informed of the scam from angry users, who felt that EA did not do enough in the first place when it came to keeping them informed of the situation

An article here also points out that while certain users will be banned for selling these card packs, those who bought them are still able to have access to the FUT Web app and will have adverse effects on the economy of the game.

What shocks us is that the full retail version of FIFA 13 has not even been released yet and people have already started to mess about with it. However, one of the most worrying things is, this is nothing new because Ultimate Team has always suffered from cheats and exploits. What are your thoughts on this latest exploit?