Improving Dead or Alive 5 loading

With just under a week left before fans get their hands on the eagerly anticipated Dead or Alive 5, PS3 owners will welcome news of an optional install size that will improve loading on the PlayStation 3 version. The recent reveal highlights a required 2700 MB of free space on the hard disk drive, giving PS3 owners a heads up prior to its release.

The multiplatform title is also expected on the Xbox 360 and official release date is on Tuesday the 25th of September in North America and the 28th in Europe. In a brief article on Examiner, they mention the recently revealed optional install size and show some great images of the upcoming Dead or Alive 5 title with a slideshow of the latest screenshots. They also give their readers a link to follow, for those who are intent on pre-ordering this game.

In addition, Gaming Blend discusses the launch trailer, which ends poorly for series veteran Kasumi. The story of Dead Or Alive 5 continues two years after number four and it seem as if the head of DOATEC, Helena Douglas is reforming the company, making some changes to the dodgy dealings as well as shaking up the biotechnology and military projects. This Dead Or Alive tournament aims to show how the company has changed, although a fair amount of violence is apparent, and in a trailer cutscene, the popular Kasumi is stabbed.

Without straying too far from the original source back in July we spoke about the Dead or Alive 5 Collectors Edition exclusive at Gamestop that is $20 extra and we highlighted the urgency to pre-order quickly as this could be a sought after deal. For your extra twenty dollars players are not only entitled to a copy of the game but also downloadable swimsuit costumes for all the female fighters, a hardcover art book, a poster of Kasumi and a soundtrack CD. Do you think this is far too expensive, as the price of the game is already $59.99?