PS3 Super Slim: Pay more for less

The much-anticipated PS3 Super Slim was finally announced to the world a couple of days ago, and now that we have all had time to digest the information we have to ask ourselves if Sony has let us down? The reason for this is because in some cases we will have to pay more for less.

We say this because if you look around there are bargains to be had for the current PlayStation 3 console, which means that you will have to pay more for the Super Slim even though it is much smaller and was hoped to be a far cheaper option. Sony almost had us fooled because we had assumed that they were going to release a cheaper model in preparation for the PS4, but we already stated that we should not expect their next-gen console until 2014 now.

It’s a little tough to say how much Sony should have priced the Super Slim at, but fans in the UK believe it should have been at least £50 cheaper, would you agree? Let’s look at it this way, you could pay £200 for an Xbox 360 or £185 for the new PS3, which we have to remind you has seen a few upgrades to its hardware – bet Dawnguard will still not play on it though?

Sony might have shot themselves in the foot here because when stores begin to get rid of their older PlayStation 3 models at bargain prices, gamers will surely choose that option rather than the Super Slim? Okay, it’s a good thing that Sony has reduced the size, which you can see when placed next to the original PS3 model in the video below, but we have reservations with the build quality. We’re not saying that the console will fall apart, but the corrugated plastic top and the way the disc cover opens just feels very cheap.

The biggest issue that we feel Sony has in terms of pricing with the new PS3 Super Slim is the Wii U, because Nintendo’s new console is now starting to look like a more plausible option – well for those who are looking for a new console and not to replace a current one. Okay, it’s still early days for the Wii U, but we have to say that the console is looking like much more of a gamers console than just for a bit of fun like the current Wii.

It’s not all negative though, because we still believe that this PS3 Super Slim has been built in preparation for the PS4, but we will not see the device reduced significantly in price until or near the launch of Sony’s next-gen console, only then will the new slimmer PlayStation 3’s potential be realized.


  • bubba

    For a while now people could get a new ps3 for $250 and now that the ps3 is an even older technology than when the ps3 was first announced at $250, Sony is enticing people with a price of $270? Dumb. If they really wanted to move units, sell a 120 gig super slim model for $169.99. When looking to buy, people see price, not hard drive size. The price is suppose to keep getting cheaper Sony, not more expensive. As a proud ps3 owner, this makes no sense.

  • Davy

    Optical in and out?

  • andrewi

    This is suicide for Sony. I can already see 3087346128934 ways that someone will turn that lid into a swap disc hack.

    • Rich

      There is no chance of seeing a swap disc hack.

      • andrewi

        Never say never, admit you have no idea how to do it and move on. Those who do will comment with reasons.


    The price is to high for sure…I knew they would dump the front loaded blu ray it was giving people problems…But they could of just put a more solid drive in it that would of fixed the problem…But they found the cheap way out…I will hold on to my old slims until they die or until the 4 comes out…Because they don’t do anything any better then the old ones….I still think they made this model because of the old blu ray problems and nothing else…All the repair place did in Texas was to replace bad Blu Ray players…Sony was losing money so only way to stop this was to make a so called new system with a new blu ray player…..But with old style loading like the PS2 had…So if you think sony made this new one out of the goodness of there heart…Your wrong..It was to save there A__.

  • Mina

    The price of the super slim is fine. I mean it comes in a bundle & priced at only 269.96. Which if you think about it. You get 250Gb, as well as 4 games with it. Which really isn’t that bad, if you really think about it. I have the Ps3 bundle & I’m very happy with it. Since my old ps3 of a 120gb’s was dying of old age. I didn’t mind paying that price for a Ps3 bundle. Mean seriously if you think about the Gb’s & stuff. It runs much quieter then the old ps3. You do know, Hard Drive Size is very important to any gamer. Besides which would you rather pay 300.00 or 269,96? Seriously think about it. They have come down in price & their stunning graphics have gotten a lot better then what they used to be & their systems are just going to keep getting better. So stop complaining. Sony’s come a long way & they will just keep getting better. I for one, can’t wait to see what you come up with next Sony. Proud Gamer for 30 years. Keep up the great work Sony. Don’t ever let anyone tell you differently. Your consoles & games will just keep getting better with all the hard work you all keep doing. The price of the Super Slim is just fine. Love ya Sony. Your Rocking the Gaming Community!!

  • Karunesh

    To be honest. If people really did look at price as you claim. Then ask yourself this. Why were there lines outside all the major stores waiting intill midnight for the doors to open. Just so they could get their hands on a $500 Ps3? Instead of waiting for the price to come down? Seriously think about it. Sony discontinued.the 120gb sony. Then did the 160Gb way before the super slim. Also another thing. Why would anyone want a 120Gb Ps3 when they could get a 250Gb Ps3? I had a 120Gb Sony, it died of old age. I’d rather have more disk space on my Ps3 with the upcoming games coming out this year. I know it’s about the price dude, but some people don’t really care about it. If they can afford it, they will get it & tons of games to go with it. I also don’t know were you get the price was dropped to $250, never saw that price. I just know it’s down to $269, which is a lot better then what it used to be. Just think about it.