Demands for Sleeping Dogs 2, expand and improve

Considering the lack of advertisement and hype, Sleeping Dogs is a remarkably good game and everything from the martial arts combat and storyline is found to be captivating, along with the great authentic setting of Hong Kong. So suggestions that a sequel is in order are not surprising, although we are interested to know whether this should be an annual release or should we just let sleeping dogs lie, for a while anyway.

A yearly iteration could be a good idea although there would be questions about what seems to be a unique location and whether the game should move on from Hong Kong. With that in mind, many gamers feel that this could end up a similar franchise to the popular Assassins Creed titles, this has had various changes as far as the setting, and time period is concerned. If the quality of Sleeping Dogs improved on a yearly basis, this would definitely be a good series and the story would be one of the main priorities along with a bigger open world to explore.

Some are suggesting an intermittent release every couple of years to build up the franchise, although desent DLC for the current title would be an ideal way to establish the game. In connection to this PlayStation Universe reports news that Sleeping Dogs developers would embrace a sequel and the True Crime background gives us cause to believe they can come up with another decent game. Stephen van Der Mescht, the games executive producer spoke out about how he is really pleased that this title ended up as a new IP instead of the original True Crime: Hong Kong, even though they have a lot in common.

The idea was to create something new and different, and a new IP seemed like the fresh start that was required. It was a Top 10 title in the U.S. during August, although Darksiders 2 managed to push it off with a decent sequel, so this is where we refer to our recent post, which highlighted the troubled Sleeping Dogs sales, and geographic taste has been blamed for this. We must remind our readers that the figures did not include PC sales because there is no boxed version just digital, and taking this into consideration digital sales have not been counted.

It seems that Sleeping Dogs has faired better in the UK and European countries in general, and we wonder if this is down to a geographic taste. The early reviews have been impressive, yet some have questioned the length of the game, regarding it as too short, yet there are plenty of side missions and sometimes it’s nice to see quality over quantity. Would you like to see a yearly sequel of Sleeping Dogs? On the other hand, maybe you feel that there is still plenty of life left in the game with added DLC?

  • Nosgoth1979

    It’s definitely too early for me to be thinking about a
    sequel; I haven’t even played the first game yet, but it’s encouraging to hear
    that people think it’s worthy of a sequel. In fact, one of my coworkers at DISH
    can’t seem to stop talking about it. I probably won’t buy it though. I rarely
    buy any games these days; it’s just too expensive when I go through two or
    three, and sometimes four games a month. But I put Sleeping Dogs in my Blockbuster
    @Home queue so I’ll start playing it soon as see if I’d want to see sequels. To
    be honest though, from what I’ve heard I can’t imagine them releasing a new
    game on a yearly basis, at least not while keeping any level of quality.

    • Anon

      Then why do you care?

      • Nosgoth1979

        Because I play a lot of games. I was a big fan of Assassins Creed until they started releasing games too close together and every game in the franchise began feeling more like DLCs than games with their own identities. Same goes for the Modern Warfare franchise.

  • Subho Roy

    I have already played sleeping dogs twice.It’s an excellent game with awesome Kung fu combat style that reminds me of legendry Bruce Lee and now Iam highly anticipating for a quick sequel of sleeping dogs 2.Infact the game is even better than GTA 4.


    I don’t think any game should have yearly release cycles tbh

  • wcb123

    dylexic or just poor editor?