Fate of GTA 5, gaming goodness needed

Some dishearten Grand Theft Auto fans may feel the last game has given them reason to expect more from GTA V, and this could be Rockstar’s last chance to persuade them back, otherwise they could end up disregarding the series altogether. This may sound a bit strong, but we are hoping that the lack of second trailer and the tight lipped response about the release may mean Rockstar are just sitting back listening to what fans have to say, which we hope will give them reason to take the gamer’s comments on board and create a GTA that is really special.

As many rumors surrounding this game have suggested what we would like to see or what should be involved, we are mainly concerned with what would be essential for Grand Theft Auto to do well, and an interesting article on What Culture list some predictions that they expect will come true. They reckon this version will not only break franchise sales records but also win back skeptics, and a more arcade-like game could see the return of many fans but there is also a flip side to that coin, as many are hoping for a more intensively sim-like experience.

There is an expectation that it will reach out to grab a least one perfect review and the return of RPG elements will be a big factor to get that popular San Andreas feel back again. They predict the protagonist will come from an existing GTA crime family and the game itself will have a GotY edition release, there is also a guarantee that it will spark controversy again and there is an expectation that at least one A-list celebrity will be involved as a voice actor. Overall, they feel this will be awesome, as Rockstar are in the habit of creating something worthwhile.

The story aspect to GTA 5 is a main priority but the scale of the environment is also another, and this is documented in an insightful Xbox Official Magazine post. Highlighting six open worlds Rockstar could learn from, the first up is the Batman: Arkham City referring to the goals that can be achieved, although a few believable few gadgets would also be a nice touch. Saints Row: The Third is mentioned because of its humor and absurd scenarios, and the combat of Sleeping Dogs would also be a welcome addition along with the kind of involving dialogue witnessed in L.A. Noire and the multiplayer deeper reminiscent of the Need for Speed: Most Wanted. To finish it all off an introduction of stealthier gameplay like Assassin’s Creed would also be advantageous.

We can see the article on What Culture could be construed as presumptuous and hopeful, and admit to loving that forward thinking and risk taking, as it is better than some of the negative reactions and rumors that have put down the series in general. We know that the next trailer is in high demand, and there is only some much you can get from a few screenshots of cars, bikes and parachuting, so this is where we refer back to our previous post about the GTA 5 trailer, almost a year on. We are hoping that the next trailer will come out soon and news of a release date not long after, what are your thoughts on this?

  • huh

    Well that’s just idiotic, Rockstar has stated the game is nearly complete so very little can be added now from gamer comments….durp

  • theresalwayssomeonelistening

    Something more can always be added, even if they need ideas in regards to future DLC!!!

  • Bbadonde

    I think the people at rockstar north are less productive than a goldfish. It’s just stupid releasing one trailer over year before the game is released and then only leaving 12 screenshots out. Rockstar will be in trouble when they realise no one ill be interested any more due to the new COD among other games coming out in the next 6 months. In protest I’m not giving rockstar any of my money

  • Jimmy

    Another stupid pointless article as predicted!!!!!

  • lol


  • giggity

    they’re going to scrap the series? yes, so R* are going to scrap their biggest and best selling series and risk losing tons of money, many fans and general popularity by getting rid of the 1 gaming title that has sustained them and kept a decent proportion of their fans and got them a decent amount of money. this is ridiculous. R* would never be so stupid. that’s it, i am not bothering to read anymore of these articles if they are consisting of 25% sh*t, 25% boll*cks, 25% spit, and 25% p*ss.

  • http://www.facebook.com/rune.hansen.92372 Rune Hansen

    Rockstar knows how to build great open-world games. thay would never take down the gta series

  • matonking

    GTA was never a “sim”. GTA4 tipped the scale a little too far into the sim world, and I didn’t enjoy it as much as I should of for that reason. If its true, that GTA5 is going back to its roots, then I am more than happy.

    R* always make fantastic games, and even GTA4 with its lack of crazy vehicles and weapons, is better than anything infinity ward could produce. At least in terms of gameplay, immersion, sound, lighting, graphics….

    Bring back the dodo cheat, jet pack, hover craft, 18-wheeler and super punch!