Fresh Skyrim mod resurrects the past

When it comes to modding appreciation has to be shown for what can be achieved and those re-creating the likes of Morrowmind to the same level as Skyrim using Bethesda’s Creation Engine deserve praise for their efforts. A recent mod showing an older Elder Scrolls game by the use of the more modern game engine makes good use of the extensive toolset and we are eager to see more.

The Skywind effort is being created by a team looking for more volunteers to assist them with the total conversion mod and Examiner highlight the amazing results that have come from this, although it is still in development, so some may suggest that it looks bright at the moment. In addition, the team is also working on The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, so we hope to see more on this as time goes on.

In other Skyrim news, Joystiq write about the evocative cover music of “The Dragonborn Comes” seen on YouTube that has accumulated more than 8 million views across her own channel. It seems that many game sites along with Bethesda’s blog have welcomed this beautiful voice, and apparently, Malukah of Monterrey, Mexico is a World of Warcraft player. Talking about her inspiration in and out of the game, she mentions her laid back style and using her imagination of the game has helped her without having to play Skyrim too much. Now that she has gone full-time as a musician, we hope that her decision means we will be hearing much more from her in the future.

Our last Skyrim post reported on ideas of a third DLC, although we found the suggestions that it will have PS3 support, absurd considering PlayStation 3 owners might not even get hold of the first one. Apparently, the next downloadable content will be larger than the others, giving us cause to disregard any thoughts of this coming to the Sony console. What do you think about the Skywind effort and the Skyrim mod resurrecting the past?