Popularity of NHL 13 realized

The newly released NHL 13 ice hockey video game has had a decent reception with this iteration although some have suggested that the current issues with the sport itself has caused many fans to obtain this game as a form of compensation to get their hockey fix. With this in mind, NHL 13 is regarded as the best edition so far and with our personal experience of the demo, we can see why the game has done so well.

According to Electronic Arts, sales of NHL 13 are up 9% over last year and the lockout of the National Hockey League players by the owners may have an affect on this, even though a solution to the sports issues is suspected to be sorted over next couple of weeks. Highlighting the rise is sales Fudzilla also mentions the League’s labor troubles and that this game could be the only hockey action fans may experience for a while, so while enthusiasts check out the great new features involved in the video title, we hope the situation is resolved soon within the actual game.

In other NHL 13 news, a review by About.com classes this ice hockey game as one of the most impressive sports simulations ever, and the on-ice physics show a high level of detail, which also reflects on the skating and way you approach a goal-scoring situation. This is where the source of our article plays out, as the experience has been said to be as riveting as watching actual hockey, and their overall score of 4.5 reflects their view of this being the best hockey game they’ve ever played. NHL 13 seems to be a welcome addition to the great sports simulations that have come out over the year.

Last month we wrote a post on the playable NHL 13 female characters in the game and although there are only two available as playable legends, we contemplated the idea of women’s teams like Canada and USA. We also mentioned how this could be implemented in games like a FIFA, yet some fans may disagree, but our suggestion was just national sides for the time being, until all the worlds leagues have been included in the men’s game, including some that have been omitted like the Welsh national side. Are you looking to get your hockey fix with NHL 13?