Another Resident Evil 6 review: Horrifyingly awful

In recent years the Resident Evil franchise has lost what made it good all those years ago, and while long-time fans feel as though the series has been going in the wrong direction and away from what made it so great in the first place, there’s also the fact that we need to realize that things need to change in order to keep the franchise relevant.

Capcom has tried to do this with Resident Evil 6, as they have tried to mix horror with action and many fans will say that they have failed, along with an early review. While there have already been some reviews that have seemed pretty positive towards RE6 there was one that went for the jugular and said “The Resident Evil we knew does not exist anymore”, the review also went on to say “Capcom has definitely lost and all we have to do is live on memories.”

He went into his review hoping that Capcom would be able to rekindle the magic that was lost once Resident Evil 5 was released, but instead the reviewer said that RE6 is mediocre at best and does not deserve to call itself a Resident Evil title. Do you share this view, or is it going a little over the top?

We can understand what is being said in some respects, because the purists will hate the notion of a zombie being able to take you out with their own weapons, as well as the puzzles not testing your brain to the limits like they once did back in the day. Then again David Persians seems to have it a little wrong, as the enemies with the weapons are not the zombies.

However, we do get what he means though, there are many aspects to RE6 that are a bit of a letdown apart from those already mentioned. The AI partners in Co-op should not be there, the game does not scare you like it once did, and lastly we hate the fact that in Co-op it becomes almost impossible to die because your partner will do all they can to keep you in the game.

At the end of the day Resident Evil 6 will never be the same as the original was or even RE4 for that matter because we expect different things these days, but at least Capcom has tried their best to get a balance between survival horror and action, just hope they have not swayed too much towards the latter.


    What a balls up

  • Stryfe

    I disagree entirely… While Chris and Jakes scenarios seem more action focused i found a sense of nostalgia with a crossover between the Zombies from the first 3 RE games and the over the shoulder viewpoint from RE4 playing Leon’s campaign. And as for zombies wielding weapons – i’ve no problems with them wielding melee weapons. And the ones with guns… Well you could hardly think of those as “Zombies” – think more enhanced soldiers with side effects :p

    • tvirusgetz

      Fun fact-Even the actual zombies will have guns at some point in the game

      • Stryfe

        I did see that somewhere but the kind of just spray with no actual aiming… Kind of like Tony Montana at the end of scarface bombed out of his skull on cocaine – now whats more zombie like than that :p

  • Dominic Grimes

    all those who hate resi 6 clearly dont like change!

    • RESI 6 BLOWS

      Or dont want to play “Resident evil: Modern Warfare” and have to suffer with all the glaring issues that weigh this cash-in game down.

  • zazzy

    i thnk the game looks pretty good cant understand all these people moaning that its changed especially after resi4 how many changes did that have to the normal resi gameplay

    • Jarred Brockwell

      All it did was LITERALLY added the “behind the back camera”. If you notice, he still controlled like the old games. Only now you could see where you were aiming and moving lol

  • Phillip

    OK lets talk peps Resident Evil:6 is what their calling bad awful….but they said that Resident Evil:4 is what saved the series but it didn’t the 4th instalment is what made the franchise go in this direction how it is today. A lot of people don’t like change but the games expanded perfectly. IT will never ever be like it was again never! Reviews are only good for some things how controls are handled how the game looks overall but you can’t say its horrible because everybody is different. What you might not like I may like what I didn’t like you might like. So to say that it’s god awful ruins the expectation others have for the game….like call me crazy which “they do” I LOVED Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City better then RE:4. I know shoot me right but like I said everybody’s different and the full games not even released yet. So sure for some the series has died for the hard core fans since 1996 like myself being a fan from the very first. But I like the way this is going it started off small and now it’s huge. I understand why people don’t like it any more but it’s not going to change because you don’t like it it’s not about the fans any more its about the money and how much they can make in a Michael Bay action base games like COD & Battlefield. IT’s to appeal to a larger audience because the larger the audience the more the money in the pocket sad but true.

  • Danfromfellarocker

    @19e88faa6457289ca917c9fe005cdcc0:disqus Couldn,t agree more. Resi 4 is what has pushed capcom to make the new era of Resident Evil games. The only thing that is truly certain about these games is that cyclical, perpetual change will always be in motion. Also, to the chubb bros.. Please boys, get a spell checker or something. Thanks

  • Paul

    I like the change in direction the series is going the first 3 games in the series had the same thing over and over again so capcom had to make the change to stay relevant Resident Evil 4 is in my opinion the best one they ever did I’ll admit they did drop the ball with RE5 but from what I’ve seen of RE6 it’s going in a action horror direction kinda taking a page out of Dead Space but so far I do like what I see on RE6

  • Romero Supra Jadotte

    Honestly I think the game is going to be good. If you look at what revolutionized the series it had to be 4. For all these haters that keep on compaining go play 1-3 if you want to kill mindless zombies, those games had no difficulty what so ever.

  • Jarred Brockwell

    Maybe the scares ARE lost, but hey, I will see for myself if they are or not October 2nd. But I like the game for its gameplay and story, so It’s not like if its not scary the game will be ruined for me.

  • Ron

    I love resident evil games since the beginning On PlayStation 1. Resident evil 6 looks great graphically. and I’m sure the story lines and cut scenes are amazing like always for resident evil games. RE5 was great Raccoon city and etc. I just downloaded RE6 demo for the Ps3. graphics look great story line great. But and a big but it doesn’t have that resident evil feel of surprise and suspense with a dark edge to the game like the earlier redsident evils. it feels more like a cod or battlefield shooter mixed with resident evil. and I hope the camera angle in the demo isn’t gonna be that close when your playing the game in the final copy when it comes out Oct 2. Because that would really ruin it for me. I guess the market for games is turning into cod battlefield type shooters. which isn’t really gaming for me. yes there cool and I enjoy playing those type of games but I’m old school and it just seems like the kids now a days don’t really know what games are suppose to be about they just grew up on shooters. I guess it’s a changing market. I’m gonna buy Resident evil 6 when it comes out and am going to probably like it but I don’t think I’ll love if it. unless I feel like I’m playing the classic ones in the very beginning.

  • Damien Smith

    I don’t care about the negative reviews that some of the critics make. I still think the game will be amazing. I am a die hard RE fan I’ve played all of the games including outbreak file 1 and 2, and honestly over the head gameplay was getting a little old. My point is, resident evil had to change sometime and ppl dont like change. The only thing I wanted to see was the classic zombies which they brought back in RE6. The reason the zombies hold weapons in their hand is because they died with that weapon in their hand before they were turned. So that makes sense to me and it makes no sense why people complain about zombies holding weapons in RE6. I mean hey umbrella had to upgrade the virus sooner or later! Having regular slow moving zombies in RE6 would have made the game boring and wouldn’t be a challenge

    • Mike

      So what exactly did you like about the first couple of RE???

      Slow Zombies are bad? In the old days, you were slow as well, you had limited ammo, so slow zombies were still a danger. And the games were called SURVIVAL (because ammo is scarce, you often had to flee not fight) HORROR (because it was frightening, you were alone, it was violent).

      And what the hell are you talking about with zombies holding weapons?? Zombies=braindead, cannot hold weopons, cannot fight, cannot run toward you. Running, weapon wielding, man-like creatures are not Zombies.

      Any RE fan would know this

  • Paul Duff

    I have played almost every resident evil game there is even the terrible ones, and 4 was different but it was great, and 5 although it did not feel as atmospherically like a resident evil games it had the characters, and the gameplay to make it a great game especially the mercs mode i spent endless hours playing mercs in coop.