Boycotting GTA 5 over release not an option

You would be forgiven for giving up on a game that saw it first trailer almost a year ago, but the idea of boycotting Grand Theft Auto V is not an option for most fans of the franchise. Not many developers could get away with such a thing, but many gamers have come to expect this from Rockstar and are still more than happy to wait, but there has to be a limit to how long fans will wait for GTA V?

The recent news (as reported here) from Take-Two that their profits were down, but were also not going to compromise a game by rushing it out due to a few issue – take note Bethesda – was a sign that one of these games must have been GTA 5, because surely they would have wanted to either release a second trailer or even the game itself by now? It’s good to know that Rockstar do not want to launch their new title with a bunch of glitches, you have to admire how they are not willing to rush its release.

It’s obvious that over the past several months fans of the GTA franchise started to lose patients with Rockstar, but now that they know there have been a few issues and do not want to just release the game because of pressure from the consumer – well it just gives us a little more respect for Rockstar.

We’ve heard that some gamers are unhappy with Rockstar for building up the hype for this game, which has yet to be released almost one year since its announcement, but it’s not them building up the hype for GTA 5, it’s the fans. All Rockstar has done is launch a trailer and a bunch of screenshots, the rest has been down to the fans and all the media attention – how’s that for cheap marketing.

There is one thing we can be certain of with once GTA 5 is released, and that’s the controversy that will surround the game. There’s no denying the inappropriateness of many aspects of Grand Theft Auto games, but when we hear that groups call for us to boycott the game, well it just makes that game more popular than ever, and this will be the same with GTA 5. Another side to a game causing controversy is how it is free marketing, and in more cases than not positive marketing in terms of sales.

Over the years lesser studios would have bowed down to pressure, but not Rockstar, they have a vision for a game no matter how questionable the content, and we can be certain that there will be no compromising when it comes to the content in GTA V.

On a final note, Grand Theft Auto V will be the same violent game that we have seen in the past and there will be the parents announcing their distaste for the game – even when some of them purchasing it for their children. The game will come under the same fire it has done over the years, but let’s face it, who cares the game is going to be awesome and the wait would have been worth it – we hope.

  • The problem is they released the trailer way too early. I’m glad they aren’t rushing it but if the games coming out next year then they shouldn’t have really released the first trailer until about now.

    • Tom

      Exactly what I believe

    • edwstewart1992

      I actually disagree, and for these two reasons:

      1. It was nice to know – on a fan-base level for me – that GTA5 was in full development without having to spend any more time questioning where it was going to be located etc.

      2. Any later the trailer release would have over-shadowed Max Payne 3 (bear in mind MP3 was intended to be released in March, not May). If it was released in February, for example, the focus would have been on GTAV, at a time Max Payne 3 was being marketed.

  • R* GTA 5

    I still hope GTA comes out this year but the chances are looking slimmer by the day.
    Every morning I wake up for work at 6am and the first thing I do is grab my phone and google GTA 5 with the hope that there is a realease date but… each morning i’m let down lol. Though I know when it does eventually come out it will without a doubt be the BEST game in history!! Come on R* do us all proud :)

  • jeff


    • talldentonboi

      Just because most people “know what he means” doesn’t mean that a blogger who gets paid for what they do should just write swill for their readers. One would expect the writer to have a bit more respect for his audience than that.

      On topic, I’m super-excited about GTAV and I’m so glad they bide their time properly, as I’ve come to expect greatness from the GTA series and Rockstar in general.

      • RaMo18

        finally, some one with enough balls stands up for the poor innocence that accidently made a mistake, thank you kind sir

  • TheGerster1000

    It’s all about the waiting game. All us gamers have to do is sit on our asses till it comes out, can you imagine what it’s like for the developers of the game. I’m sure when it does come out it’ll probably be the best R* game to date. Plus most of R* games have not let me down; LA Noire, Red Dead, GTA IV, San Andreas, Bully…The list goes on, so I’m pretty sure there must be a solid reason for the long wait, for it might be Fixing Glitces or making the map as explrable as possible. I know for a fact they will not let us down!!!

    • feswfdsf


      • Johnnneeeehh

        No one cares, we all know what he meant

    • Q*

      LA Noire was a major letdown in my opinion.

  • Tim

    Rockstar should have waited until E3 to announce GTA 5. Then, if it came out in 2012, that would be awesome, but 2013 would have been expected all along. I think they rushed the reveal a bit. Can’t wait for it to come out, but at least I have Sleeping Dogs and Assassin’s Creed 3 to keep me busy for a while. Hope to hear more soon.

  • dennis

    What about bioshock infinite, take 2 cant release two huge titles at once. Ill just keep hoping its out by the holidays so take 2 can benefit most but idk.

  • duffsman

    Its too late for it to come out this year. It will be out about march/april time next year me thinks.

  • Waiting2Long

    If I could wait this long, certainly I could wait even longer and not buy it on release day. Excitiment has worn off about 6 months ago. :(

  • matonking

    Boycott over realease? I laughed. I’ll be preordering as soon as it lets me.

    GTA4 was delayed like 8 months due to a premature release date.. that was far more dissapointing than any possible waiting times for additional information.

    Summary: Grow up and just be patient.

  • GT4I5G4Y

    Wow a lot of you people are really pathetic. It is without a doubt that Rockstar has done the fans wrong. You can talk about how awesome the game is going to be and this and that but the simple fact of the matter is Rockstar has kept the fans waiting too long and a lot of you seem more than happy about it. Whats next, Rockstar says bend over and drop your pants? And I bet most of you wouldn’t think twice about it and take it with a smile on your face. It’s sad how you willingly succumb to the will of Rockstar because your so excited about the game. Lines have to be drawn and Rockstar has crossed the line in my book.