Confirming PS3 Skyrim DLC before discount talk

We are glad to say that not all is lost for PlayStation 3 owners of Skyrim and although we expected DLC like Dawnguard to embrace us before now confirmation of the downloadable content for the PS3 has come prior to any discount talk. At least now, gamers are starting to get a bit of feedback about what is going on via Twitter updates, and taking these into consideration we can see that Bethesda has not given up on the release of Dawnguard.

Many disheartened PS3 gamers have got to the point where they have given up on any future DLC although according to Bethesda’s Pete Hines it seems like the company are trying their best to get this passed. In an article on The Bit Bag, they mention Hines’ comments that this is not cancelled and before any discussion occurs about a discount, they want to get it ready for gamers and confirm it will be happening. Bethesda has also highlighted the size of this expansion, which could affect upcoming DLC releases on the PS3.

This has caused many PlayStation 3 gamers to worry about whether the following DLC will also have setbacks but for the time being we are concentrating on the news that Dawnguard is not cancelled. Highlighting this news, Product Reviews report on the frustration for those gamers that are being treated differently, and although many have wondered whether they will ever receive either DLC the confirmation of Dawnguard gives gamers good news one-step at a time.

When you look at the amount of abuse Pete Hines has taken over this, some feel that the lack of information given by Bethesda overall means many show little remorse for how he feels. Many welcome news that they are still working on it, and this shows that a bit of communication can help the situation, although there are many out there who have turned their backs on anything to do with Bethesda. A weekly blog for readers to keep informed would be an ideal way to keep the updates flowing and inform gamers of any recent changes.

In other news, Joystiq write about Bethesda‘s view on Skyrim coming to the Wii U and they see this as a definite possibility, although some enthusiasts will take this with a pinch of salt. The idea of a port to Nintendo’s next gen console sounds like it could eventually come about, although the notion from Peter Hines is that it will have to support the weight of a full port, as opposed to a system-exclusive approximation. How do you think the Wii U controls could be best implemented with Skyrim?

Only last week we spoke about a third Skyrim DLC and many PS3 gamers disregarded suggestions that it will support the PlayStation 3. We looked at what is expected to be the largest piece of content yet and discussed various ideas of what it should contain, although we are still concerned whether a massive DLC will ever come to the PS3. Do you feel that a weekly update would be a nice gesture by Bethesda to inform their loyal Skyrim fans? Maybe you have an idea of how they could compensate PS3 gamers.

  • Jacob Smart

    I think they should make a DLC for PS3 at a discounted price and give it release priority over Xbox 360

  • Ender21

    If it ever comes out I will not purchase it. I had planned on buying it day one but now that it has taken forever, forget it. Free or not playing any dlc for TES Skyrim. I used to be a huge fan of bethesda, until their last couple releases that is.

  • Scuff

    I’ll purchase it for the PS3 if it comes out discounted or not; I’ll be a bit let down if it doesn’t arrive as there has been investment in a character to be prepared for expected extra content (and this is what may have upset a lot of people, they have invested time away from the main Skyrim quest lines to develop a character for DLC, which hasn’t arrived).

    I wouldn’t advocate never to purchase a Bethseda game as Skyrim was fantastic, perhaps in the future give yourselves an end-point to the main game and train extra when (and if) any DLC comes out (to be applied to other games). Of course this isn’t the only reason for aggravation, but if you feel that way just consider the above thought.

  • Kim

    ” the notion from Peter Hines is that it will have to support the weight of a full port”

    Because porting Skyrim from XBox to PS3 was such a great success.
    Do it again Bethesda. See how disgruntled Nintendo fans get…

    I can understand ignorance. There’s possible redemption with ignorance as there’s room for learning. But if one doesn’t learn from their mistakes, if they keep doing the same mistakes over and over, they are just plain stupid.

    Don’t port it again. Rebuild it specifically for that console. Like it should’ve been done for PS3.

    • Bethesda=Insane

      “Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results” is the definition of insanity -Albert Einstein

  • Piffguy

    Lol shyt like this is why I own every system

  • Oliver

    i feel if they can’t get dawnguard out, then we should get our own dlc as the next release.

    • casper13rocks

      skyrim is a multi platform game and bathesda would be in breach of fair tradeing law to give ps3 onwers dlc content and say pc and xbox will never see it xbox and pc owners would be next pist off group screaming at pete hines even the sujestion is plain stupid onlything bathesda should be doing with how long this has taken is pause all other projects and get every1 working on it try get it done faster

      • Niopples

        So what you’re saying casper is that right now Bethesda is already breaching the trading law because skyrim still hasn’t come out so what ever he does hes still going to be fucked

  • casper13rocks

    where working on it is and where still not happy with it is not keeping people informed in any way no i dont blame peter hines for no dawnguard i blame him for not doing his job he is ment to be a pr exsecutive so why dosent he do some public relations and actuly state what is wrong theres 1000’s of nerds out there that proberly fix for them over night pete needs to actuly give some information about whats happerning not jus fob us ps3 owners of we just want same as xbox and pc if i ran bathesda the programers working on this would be fired there obviesly incompertant now release the f#$ken dlc b4 you get a discrimanation lawsuit shoved up ya ass and cripples ya comperny

    • bullet8705

      Casper13rocks…learn some proper grammar and spelling skills before commenting on matters such as this. You sound like a moron for two reasons: The first being what was previously stated above. Second, just because they haven’t released dlc for PS3 doesn’t give grounds for a discrimination law suit. Know what you’re talking about and how to spell before you post comments and make yourself look like an ignorant uneducated idiot. Thank You.

      • Babba


        • Dumbass


  • Skyrim boss

    Thats good news i hope it comes out but i dont care if ut does i enjoy the game anyway

  • Tj Amii Bernardo

    I dont care about price, or any of that crap.. but I do think they should WAIT to make sure their content works on all platforms before releasing it to ANY of them. Its not about the price or the wait time, its about being fair and prepared. Your teachers didnt want half assed work, and gamers dont as well. Just make sure you keep to your word for PS3, and release it when all platforms work for your DLC.

  • DragonSlayer

    ps3 probably isnt going to get ANY of the skyrim DLCs because its like their trying to fit a square into a circle, and they just keep doing it

    • Da Vinci

      You can fit a square into a circle, and you can fit a circle into a square. It all depends on the size, just look at Da Vinci’s vitruvian man (not perfect but you see my point, although its petty and pedantic)

  • #47

    ohwell who cares anymore. my game comes out in a couple months anyway.

  • skyrimrules

    I don’t really care all I want is dawnguard discount or not I will be disappointed if it dose not come out

  • dovakiin

    lol because of this i sold my ps3 and bought an xbox (wondering if thats what bethesda planned and if they had a deal with microsoft .. hehe evil compainies :)

  • John Worley

    if you go to the official site it does confirm ps3 owners will be getting the DLC dragonborn early 2013 unfortunatly it says nothing of the other DLC packs