FIFA 13 and engrossing commentary, just one improvement

FIFA 13 has seen plenty of new improvements with this new edition and a more realistic feel to the game has been enhanced on almost every level. In previous posts, we have mentioned plenty of the new features involved and today we are looking at the engrossing commentary being just one improvement to this eagerly awaited title.

Some gamers may feel that the commentary aspect could do with more improvements and a recent video shows a new developer diary highlighting all the new features in regards to the dulcet tones of those relaying various statistics. Gaming Bolt presents this video and in it, you get a walk through the new Career Mode Radio and Sideline Commentator along with other insightful information. The Career Mode Radio is ideal for updates in other games as voiced statistics are mentioned throughout the career menu adding to that feeling that you are part of a big tournament.

The Sideline Commentator also gives out information while you are playing a game, so upcoming fixtures and competition scores are all relevant, especially when you need to press more to obtain a better score or goal difference to a challenger hosting a separate game. In other FIFA 13 news, What Culture reports on the reactions to the demo, and personally, we feel that if a few more teams were involved we would be quite happy to play this for a while longer, thus holding out until sometime after the actual game is released.

Last years FIFA iteration seemed to fair better than any other football title and the same is expected this time around. By trying out the demo a few improvements have been noticed and first up are the animations, concerning the Impact Engine making all tackling scenarios more believable. The presentation is great with everything from Match Day mode commentary and crowd noises to the unpredictability of referees. When it comes to the game modes, it is hard to say from a demo, although this was a weak element in FIFA 12, and although there are no training modes, the initial start to each match allows players to try out various training scenarios.

If last years game is anything to go by, the online experience is where this game should come to life and other than a few minor improvements, we expect EA have got it right again. With this in mind, our last FIFA 13 post highlighted the latest eye candy on offer, as we revel in some of the great action scenes and the details involved. Is this the best demo of a football game you have ever played. What other improvements would you like to see with the commentary aspect of the game?