Halo 4 assassinations takedowns visualized

A recent trailer featuring Halo 4 assassinations and takedowns shows more excitement in store for those of you eagerly anticipating this title. The initial part of the footage shows Master Chief waking up in this single-player campaign trailer that involves the standard Halo gameplay expected.

The first part of the trailer shows the beginning mission of Master Chief emerging and fighting off Coveanat troops that are boarding the vessel, giving gamers the opportunity to see some great pipe climbing scenarios that involve dodging the falling debris. Highlighting what is to be found in the footage Only SP refer to the second part, which focuses on the gameplay involved on Requiem and the battles with the Promethean enemies. The new Promethean rifle is there to be seen along with some familiar takedowns and assassinations experienced in Halo: Reach.

Adding to the excitement of fans this trailer not only looks good but gives gamers just enough of a teaser to keep them wanting more. Many impressed gamers have enjoyed this trailer, which shows actual gameplay even though some suggest this could be a bit more epic, so there is an expectation that another video will be released before this game comes out. Before this happens it would be wise to check out a hands-on preview on The Telegraph, as they feel this can graphically hold its head high looking better than any previous Halo game.

Everything that fans are familiar with is there adding to the immersion of previous titles, and as far as the next trilogy goes the author feels fans have nothing to worry about, even newcomers will be impressed by Halo 4. In addition, last week we looked at the Covenant weapons and explained some of the developers highlights concerning this aspect of the game. With plenty of improvements in this area some are more drastic than others, even though no real enhancements have been made to established weapons like the Gravity Hammer. What is your impression of the Storm Rifle, that has replaced the faithful Plasma Rifle? Do you think this will be ideal for those close encounters?