Locating Borderlands 2 Easter Eggs easily

Looking at a brief look at a guide to assist gamers in their quest for great Borderlands 2 Easter Eggs, we also thought it would be a good idea to share some information on various additions to the game. A decent reception has come from this sequel and overall review scores shed some light on how well this game has been made.

There is plenty on offer in Borderlands 2 and the developers have shared some of their passion for pop culture going by the numerous references throughout your journey. In an article on Segment Next, they compile an extensive guide for those wanting easier access to the Easter Eggs involved. Highlighting both the physically existing references and the verbal ones gamers can head over to their website and get all the details they need to accompany their quest through Borderlands 2. A large list of ways to obtain Easter Eggs is documented and they also assure their viewers that there are more hidden, asking for any information on more.

In other related news, Stick Skills talks about how to get more Golden Keys within the game and these are relevant to those who preordered their copy from GameStop or signed up for the new SHiFT feature, as many gamers would have noticed some Golden Keys sitting in their inventory. The keys can be used to open the golden chest in Sanctuary not too far from the fast travel station, and these will give you one shot at the loot inside. Apparently, the understanding is that it contains rare items and the rewards scale to your level, and this will be used to better affect once you hit the level cap at level 50, as any earlier could render your rare weapon useless.

It seems that those wanting to obtain more have been advised to do this via Twitter, and this is where Randy Pitchford, the Gearbox Software President is running the system. Yesterday they gave away 101 keys and each redemption nets you ten keys, and the day before they gave away 1100 keys in which each redemption only got you one. Those who have missed out are informed that there will be plenty of codes for everyone in the coming days. In addition to this, Joystiq highlights four confirmed segments of DLC as part of the Season Pass, even more is expected according to Randy Pitchford, and one of these is referred to as Mechromancer.

Informing fans that they should also expect other non-season pass related DLC, there are suggestions this could be an expansion on the weapons manufacturer Torgue, or Sand Skiff-like transportation. Keeping on the subject of Borderlands 2 in last week we wrote about finding rare weapons and more, along with information about the rarity of each by the use of a color scheme. Do you feel the considerable amount of content involved in Borderlands 2 will give this game more in terms of longevity?