Reactions to NBA 2K13 ratings

When someone has a favorite player in their supported team they can sometimes overcompensate what they feel their ratings are, and looking at other stars and their scores can give many cause to reflect on what they feel is fair. By looking at reactions to NBA 2K13 ratings, we can get some insight into an overall score the fans believe are nearer the mark.

Seeing what stars are awarding with certain rating can be done with a list of about 12 teams including the Lakers, Celtics and Spurs among others on the NBA Mixes website, and they also inform fans that pre-order through Amazon they can obtain the All-Star Weekend DLC. This content includes All-Star Game, Rising Stars Challenge, Dunk Contest and 3pt shoot-out. Some may feel that a 93 overall for Kobe is an insult although others regard this as fair considering he was better in 2011, and where others that have had a more generous rating are concerned this will be adjusted throughout the season to reflect their performance.

Taking into account all the players and their ages there are many aspects to take into consideration including injuries, and as far as teams go The Bleacher Report documents the player’s ratings for both the Lakers and the Heat, and try to figure out who is the best. If the summer was anything to go by, the Lakers will be classed as the favorites to meet Heat in the 2013 finals, with this in mind those involved with NBA 2K13 feel this statistic represents the team viewing the Lakers as the best team.

Both teams look well matched when you take on board the position-by-position breakdown, although when looking at it closely they highlight Antawn Jamison appearing as the starting small forward in the game, but when you match that up to real life surely that job would go to Ron Artest. Some may feel that center Dwight Howard is one of the hardest to rank at the moment due to issues with a back injury.

In other related news, last month we wrote about an insightful NBA 2K13 dev video that showed off some new additions to gameplay, and that more of the play is centered around the right stick, along with more emphasis on moves that will keep hold of the ball. What do you think about the NBA 2K13 ratings?