Wii U frustrating, lacks imported games support

Confirmation that the Wii U region will be locked is frustrating news for many gamers because the lack of support for imported titles will mean those with a European console will not be able to play American or Japanese games. The news from Nintendo has confirmed what many skeptics have been saying about the console, although it is still surprising that this has actually become evident.

This may seem disappointing, but none of their consoles in the past had the opportunity to play imported games, and an article on Metro reports this news with the notion that the Wii U is keeping the world apart. The lack of support was initially mentioned in the Japanese magazine Famitsu and Nintendo of Europe back this up, yet this is bound to be frustrating considering Nintendo are not good for releasing all the games in all territories, even though Europe has faired better than America in recent times.

With many feeling that Nintendo should be trying to cover every angle when it comes to selling the console we can understand how some gamers expect this will not help encourage people to buy it. In other related news, Fudzilla report on a waiting list for the Wii U starting at GameStop and this applies to the PowerUp Rewards members who apparently are the only ones that can get on the list. Being on the list allows customers to be informed by phone or email when the systems are available, although you cannot put money down to reserve it or pre-order more than two.

Apparently, there is an option to choose from the Basic or Deluxe edition, and those who have been notified that there is a Wii U for you to pick up will have 24 hours to do so, but those on a waiting list are not guaranteed to get theirs before the holidays. From a more reassuring aspect, news that Wii U’s Nintendo Land is expected to tempt gamers and new-comers alike is documented in The Independent, as this title is expected to accumulate many new customers with a game that teaches novices of the gaming world how to play a wide variety of genres.

This gives us the impression Nintendo Land is one of the most important titles to brace the console, with plenty of action revolving around a virtual theme park, much like Disney World’s Magic Kingdom but with themes that centre on titles like Super Mario Bros, Pikmin, The Legend of Zelda and many more. It seems that they feel Nintendo Land is the company’s ticket to success, and regard it as one of the most important launch titles ever, as this game could have an extreme affect on how well the console does.

In relation to how well the console is pre-selling last week we wrote about the need for the Nintendo Wii U system as it has become pre-sold by most retailers and since the announcement many places saw this console sold out in 5 days. Do you feel that the requirement for new technology represents the need for this system? Maybe you regard this as the ideal time and opportunity to entice customers until other next gen consoles come out.

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