Broad availability of BF3 Armored Kill excites

The opportunity to play Battlefield 3: Armored Kill on the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC is great news for many gamers and the fact that it has started to become available to non-Premium subscribers on the Xbox 360 and PC from today is ideal for all of those who want to purchase and download it now. Those wanting to know what is contained before you buy it are informed Armored Kill involves four new multiplayer maps, five new vehicles and a Tank Superiority game mode.

The maps include the Alborz Mountains, Armored Shield, Death Valley and Bandar Desert, in addition, the vehicles involve a new tank destroyer, the AC-130 Gunship and two missile launchers. Detailing the Tank Superiority, Examiner also mention the price for this DLC on the 360 being $15 or 1200 MS Points via the Xbox LIVE Marketplace and Origin Store and is approximately 1.5 GB to download. With high impressions of this add-on, there are some of BF3’s biggest maps, along with loads of added extras to enjoy.

Some gamers are concerned with Premium players in different servers because they have paid in advance, and others feel that although this may be a decent attempt to prize Battlefield fans into action again this will not be the savior of BF3. The price of the DLC is also being brought into question, as many regard this as expensive for what it is, and a few weeks ago, we spoke about fixes for BF3 Armored Kill DLC, which were outlined by DICE lead designer Gustav Halling.

Before this, we wrote a post on the Armored Kill vehicle inventory concerns, as certain maps are too big for the 20 new vehicles. What are your thoughts on the maps to vehicles ratio? Alternatively, do you feel the price of the DLC is expensive, especially when you add it to the price of game you have already paid for?