Collection of WoW Mists Of Pandaria reviews

Early hours of the morning saw the release of World of Warcraft: Mists Of Pandaria, which is the latest expansion for the WoW MMO game, and even though in the past these expansion packs have not been doing too well, this latest one does seem a little different. From the collection of early reviews we can see that a pattern is starting too emerge, and that Pandaria is a vast improvement over Cataclysm.

We’d like to point out that it’s still early days and will take a few more days or even weeks to get the bigger picture in terms of what the users think, because most of the reviews are currently a work in progress. One such review that has been writing theirs on the fly is from PC Gamer, and the users seem to enjoy this, as it gives them a chance to read the reviewers gaming experience with the action on a step-by-step basis.

The review began yesterday and will go on all week, so will be an extensive review, so let’s try to pick up on some keys points. They state that if you are looking to reawaken your passion for World of Warcraft following the disappointment of Cataclysm, then this latest expansion should do just that. However, they do suggest that the story is “hyper-predictable,” but they believe that Wandering Isle is a nice touch to the game.

Another review that you might find interesting is a little different, because it’s not from a WoW fan point of view but rather a Guild Wars 2 player. From the start they can see the appeal of Mists Of Pandaria when compared to GW2 in terms of how the game has a completion to it. They also loved the simplicity of the start of the gameplay because of how easy it was, along with how easily the game prompts you.

However, it’s not all good because they hated the character customization and how Guild Wars 2 seems to be a much friendlier game. The Daily Telegraph says that while WoW is not perfect, expansions like Pandaria go a long way in trying to reach perfection – but that’s never likely to happen. Although we do love how they point out that this latest expansion is a return to what we knew and loved about World of Warcraft – just hope it helps to reignite the magic.

For a completely different review of this latest expansion then check out the video below and let us know what you think.