Forza 5 Xbox 720 development uncertainty

Suspicion surrounding a job listing for Forza 5 has given us cause to wonder if this title will be on the next gen Xbox. The details of this vacancy are a bit vague to say the least, so there is some 720 development uncertainty about whether this will be the last of the Forza titles made exclusively for current systems.

With no indication about whether this title will be bracing the so-called Xbox 720, we look at a brief article on Strategy Informer, which informs their readers about Microsoft and Turn 10 hiring in anticipation of Forza 5. Not much else is divulged other than the speculation that this could already be in development. As we wait for more news on this, we thought it would be a good idea to look at a report on OXM. In this, they write six reasons why Forza Horizon is in line to be the best Forza to date.

The upcoming Horizon looks set to add more to the previous titles with many great improvements and they are convinced this will be the best of the bunch. With more terrain types on offer, the whole range of surfaces will be ideal for those of you who love to venture off the beaten track. More fun is to be had with the multiplayer that revolves around 10 very different arenas set around the world. Plenty is on offer on the open road where players can be fully immersed in the action that includes rival drivers you can challenge to a race, off-road animals to avoid and traffic situations to overcome.

Crowd-pleasing Showcase races will add more variety to your usual Forza experience with the opportunity to race a plane, or hot air balloon, for money or just fun. The setting of the game revolves around a huge summer festival and this not only celebrates cars and racing but also the music, and with British DJ Rob da Bank the festival side of the game adds to the atmosphere. Those who want to investigate other areas will get the opportunity to discover some great hidden Easter eggs along with some rare vintage cars and hints of these will be stated on the radio.

In addition to the great aspects of Forza Horizon, last month we spoke about the exceptionally detailed cars involved in the game and in many cases, they are hard to tell apart from their real-world counterparts, which shows how far they have come, visually as well as the gameplay aspect. Games like Forza are continuing to enhance our experience within the world of racing titles, so will you be getting Forza Horizon next month? Do you feel this is the best Forza to date?

  • ex forza fan

    Horizon’s nothing like forza 4. Graphic’s are no where near as good as forza 4 or game play. Forza should of kept there name out of this game as it”s the worst effort yet. Forza 2 was better in every way. And to top it all off there ripping you off 4000 ms point’s add on thats coming in dec so already robbing you of nearly the cost of the game and this was anounced yesterday befor the game hit’s the shelf’s.

    • umadbro

      [Forza] Horizon is nothing like Forza 4; Graphics and gameplay are nowhere near as good as the aforementioned title. Forza should have kept their name away from this game because it’s their worst effort yet. Forza 2, on the other hand, was better in every way than Horizon. To top it off, they’re ripping us off for 4000 Microsoft Points for the add-on that is coming in December! That’s nearly the cost of the original game, and it was announced yesterday before the game even hit the shelves.