Hines confidence for Skyrim Dawnguard PS3 waning

Bethesda must have got the message by now that gamers waiting on any news in regards to Skyrim Dawngaurd coming to the PS3 wish to be updated on a regular basis, so much so that Peter Hines has been responding to those affected by this issue. A few days ago there was a ray of light, but in recent days Hines confidence of a release seems to be waning.

On Friday Hines was asked if Dawngaurd for the PS3 was cancelled, he said it was “not cancelled, still working on it. The process of “trying things” just isn’t a quick one.” He was also asked if he had any input in regards to the programming, but he replied that he only contacts the team on a regular basis for an update.

However, the most recent response from Hines is the one that has us concerned the most, as he said, “No, we will not release it if we can’t get the performance to an ‘acceptable’ standard. Our stance on this has not changed.” Now we don’t know about you, but these are not the words from someone who feels confidant that Bethesda will be able to resolve the issue they are currently experiencing.

While there is still no admission that Dawnguard will never be released on the PS3 we don’t hold out much hope anytime soon at least, but at least Bethesda have not given up. However, we have to go back to the old question as to why Bethesda are having performance issues with the PlayStation 3 when the likes of Naughty Dog and other big developers do not? We’re sure that you have your own opinions on this so please share them with us.

Should Bethesda postpone other DLC? – There have been suggestions that Bethesda should not attempt to release new Skyrim content for the Xbox 360 or PC until they have been able to resolve the PS3 issue. We can sympathize with both sides on this one, yes it must be very frustrating for PS3 owners still waiting for the first Skyrim DLC, but why should those with a 360 or PC be penalized for Bethesda’s failings?

There is the fear that because the DLC has taken so long with no release date in sight that people have now moved on, Bethesda has certainly shot themselves in the foot with this farce. Moving on to the main issue for the lack of new Skyrim content for the PlayStation 3, the best way to describe the issue is from a comment made from a previous article of ours, where one reader said “It’s like their trying to fit a square into a circle.” What a great analogy don’t you think?

  • adsetheb uoy kcuf

    What is the point bethesda we all know your never going to release dawnguard on ps3 as long as your xbox overlords keep fatening your wallets at least grant us ps3 players the priverledge of being honest for once in your corrupt lives and just tell us whether we will get it or not.

    • DragonSlayer

      and that we might not want to expect to see any of the DLCs because u just arent capable of giving it to us! the whole truth and nothing but the truth!

  • Mat

    I’ll still buy it if it ever comes out.

    • DragonSlayer

      if we do get it, im using my suped up dovah to tear it up

  • screwed ps3 user

    i think it is safe to say that this point i will NEVER buy another Bethesda game for Ps3 EVER!
    i paid 60 dollars for a game that CLEARLY says downloadable content available on the back
    they shoulda just made it clear from the beginning that us ps3 users were not going to get ANY dlc at all instead of dragging it out and leading us along
    i figure they will “try” to get it to work for another few months then when the excitement wears down they will announce “they couldn’t get it to work” and it will not be available ever for the ps3

    • casper13rocks

      no where on back of any skyrim game have i looked at has stated dlc available why is every one saying it the reason we are entitled to it isnt printed on no box it’s the fact 2 out of 3 platforms are playing it and skyrim is not a exclusive game all content availibe to 1 platform legaly has to be provided to all platfroms

      • chris

        back top of the the case “add on content”

        • DraonSlayer

          mines from launch and says add on too. i wonder if they took it off newer copies because they must’v found out their dlc dont work

      • spiritreaver

        Because ppl keep wrongly saying the same thing as casper13rocks, i went and pulled my copy of Skyrim from 11/11/11 off the shelf. Its the standard edition version.

        On the back cover, top right it clearly states ‘Add-on Content + TROPHIES’. And opening up the the instrution manual, a quick flip to page 4 shows under the ‘Main Menu’ heading shows that there is a ‘Downloadable Content’ option listed.

        Its right there in the places i listed, large as life.

        • pops

          i guess some people just cant see it

    • DragonSlayer

      and the same will happen with hearthfire, and the other DLCs. especially if they keep making them all the sameway even before finishing the last one they had to fix. screw them, im playing dragon’s dogma and waiting for hitman.

  • Andrew

    I think they should just bring it out glitchy or not

    • DragonSlayer

      that would likely kill your ps3 more than skyrim already does alone

  • casper13rocks

    the reason no content should be released to any platform untill ps3 owners get dawngard is skyrim is a multi platform game it isnt exclusive to pc and xbox if content dosent work on all it shouldnt be released period you say why should xbox and pc owners be penalized well i ask the same for ps3 owners discrimanation gose in all directions why should ps3 owners continue to miss out and why should bathesda profit on new content when they cant even fix what’s been out for ages

    • somebody

      take it to Emily Akin on the news

  • DragonSlayer

    i cant believe bethesda cant even fix their own games. and if thats so then how the hell do they make them in the first place? they must have been the original creators of cheetahmen

  • Sunny

    Trying to fit a circle into a square, by the Nines!

  • http://www.facebook.com/qwakefield1 Quentin Wakefield

    pc nd xbox suld not be punished but my 89 bux standard skyrim for ps3 eats dust….. guttered az solution. dragon dogma ta past time at least lvl 200

  • Justin

    Yes, yes. You’re all right. Bethesda is involved in a secret, corrupt plot to not ever release DLC for PS3 players so that they can make less money. You’re all geniuses. The reality is that games that aren’t PS3 exclusives often have issues porting over to the system, which is also the reason the unpatched version of Skyrim was so glitchy to begin with. This isn’t new, but Bethesda isn’t going to purposefully deprive their customers of their products because, as a company, they’re interested in making money. Why on Earth would they avoid squeezing twenty bucks out of a third of their targeted market? After releasing a glitchy PS3 version of the original game and getting blasted for it, why would they open themselves up for that again? The most logical assumption is that something is really hindering the process and they’re doing the best they can. Use your brains and stop getting so damn emotional.

    • dude

      Dont get yur panties in a wad. im sure theyre working very hard to shove that square into the circle

  • grand master B

    some real insight needs to appear very soon. people are moving on already, this has half the comments it did few articles back. bethesda you suck

  • Give them a break

    Give them a break they are trying their best. I’m mad that it isn’t out yet too. They wont release it if everybody is doging on them i know i wouldnt. if someone was saying how bad i was at something then i wouldnt turn around and give them a something nice. Although i do think that ps3 owners should get it for $15 instead of $20 for the extended due date that never seems to end, if the release it.