List of FIFA 13 trade-in titles and trophies

With the release of FIFA 13 in North America those in the UK still have to wait another couple of days, but when it does become available there is a trade-in deal that GAME will offer. Looking over the list of titles that you will be able to use as part of the trade-in offer does surprise us, as we find it hard why people would want to part with such titles. However, before we get too much into this we wanted to also let you know that the list of trophies has also been detailed.

There are 49 trophies in all, and if you head over here then you will get the name and tips on how to achieve each trophy. We’re sure that there is a handful that stand out for you, so just let us know which ones and why. Going back to the main story, as well as handing over two of the titles that we will list for you below, you will also have to part with 99 pence.

Although we said we couldn’t understand why anyone would want to trade-in any of the titles listed below, maybe we can sympathize why certain gamers would wish to offload Skyrim, and we’re pretty sure that some gamers would have grown tired of Lollipop Chainsaw by now?

Apart from that the others listed are pretty decent titles to keep in your collection and just shows what a poor deal this actually is. It would be nice to know how many people would take GAME UK up on this insane offer. Also we’re being told that the same offer applies to Resident Evil 6, which will be released in the UK 4 days after FIFA 13.

From what we know about FIFA 13 there’s no reason to discount suggestions that this is the best version from the franchise yet, but there is also the chance that the best platform for this game to be on is on the PC – yes you heard right. The gameplay potential is said to be awesome, which we discussed in detail a little earlier.

Although there are a vast number of improvements within FIFA 13, one of the most impressive is the new commentary. Okay, so the easiest option was to have this as part of DLC for FIFA 12 during it’s first few months following its release, but there’s no denying that this feature and the others will make this one of if not the best football/soccer game so far to date. What do you think?